Soldering Video Series From PACE

I figured I should share these instructional videos from PACE. I stumbled across them a few years back. They’re pretty in depth and I’d recommend watching them, even if you have the basics of soldering down.

Basic Soldering Lessons 1 - 9

Rework & Repair Lessons 1 - 8

Note: There also available in other languages on their YouTube channel.

EDIT / Additional Information: How to Solder Correctly – and Why


These are absolutely great, I used these when learning and getting into how to solder myself!

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this series is what I’ve been recommending to anyone new to soldering for the last few years. It’s old but so detailed and well done that it holds up. good stuff

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I’ve also watched these videos a long time ago, they are very useful to understand how to solder correctly and the technical reasoning behind.

PACE also seems to do fine soldering irons.
Wanted to buy one some time ago, the same model that @Manofinterests has.
How do you like your PACE iron Huey? :wink:

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These videos were awesome. It’s taken a few days to watch. Almost done with the second set. Thanks for sharing!


Your welcome & I’m glad they have helped!