Things that make us go... hmmm

that is amazing. I wonder how much that retailed for.

“Compatibles” cracks me up. I guess it’s a play on IBM compatible but I guess it also implies that you don’t have to worry about proper drivers for your scanner AND your keyboard because it’s all one thing!

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This might be the rudest comment in an IC :cold_sweat:

An this is why I never step foot in the keyboard reddits. Think what you want of the board but his whole commenting in that post is vicious


I noticed that the Discord keyboard emoji was a bit odd looking due to emoji space constraints

(Look it up because I’m new here and can’t post more than one image per post lol)

This gave me the terrible idea to try my best to make a hypothetically usable “qwerty” layout using KLE, an hour later and I made this mess

26 keys of madness that I call the “Discboard”


LOL the rude poster now deleted all his posts in that thread. At least something.

Reminds me of those keyboards that came on random portable computing devices where every key had a minimum of four functions.

I don’t know where to start here. What is this man doing and what is the meaning of this? I’m. So. Confused. It’s like a picture frame bumped uglies with a TKL.


I’m more interested in who the client is at this point.


K-pop themed boards have become very popular since Taekeyboards started his K-pop series.

This is the most extreme I’ve seen.


So I did see that. I really did. It’s a keyframe, er, pictureboard?

And is it just empty behind the pictures then or what? The keyboard certainly doesn’t need more room for the PCB. I dunno, maybe it’s just solid aluminum and the thing is just crazy heavy. Still wrapping my head around this.

More than enough room to stick a Raspberry Pi in there or something.

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Or a huge battery bank for really long lasting Bluetooth capability.


Yup, I’m waiting for it’s r/CustomKeyboards debut. Those comments will be gold.

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It has keys of a full-size keyboard, is slightly curved and if you look closely, it was made by Alps.


A curved 60% might be something I’m interested in…

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That’s really unique. Looks like it even has gaming controls toward the bottom too (triangle, square, circle, cross).

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For same reason it looks more like someone made a sideways TV remote control and threw a keyboard in the middle

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I was about to say Snap! When I looked at the 4 key and realised this was the exact same keyboard I bought off eBay a week or so ago.

The reason the 4 key gave it away is…

So it’s completely stuck down. I can prise it off but nothin so far has fixed it. The space bar is the same. Also - not mechanical - despite the Alps clue which is why I bought it. But the curved 60% is nice and I kind of love the other keys dotted around.

It is easily the widest keyboard I have but sadly one I’ll have to put time in to fix if I can.


Haha, that’s awesome. I saw this on eBay too. No plan to buy it, but I was completely weirded out by it, so I took a screenshot.

I’m curious now though…what do those 7 buttons do on the bottom left of the board? Also, the blue one on the top?

I was too completely taken by it - not least the chance it was a rare Alps mechanical keyboard. Sadly it’s a nasty feeling membrane (at least as far as I can tell).

But it’s an odd one. It came with a PS/2 to 5 pin (?) converter and a floppy disc! The guy who was selling it clearly kept everything together.

The three buttons on the left hand side switch the buttons above it in terms of their function. From function keys to apps and so on - all colour coded icons. The four at the bottom must be media keys. I can’t tell because when I plug it in the 4 key keeps repeating.

I haven’t tried the big blue button at the top - maybe it releases the sodding 4 key…


“Yes, customer support? My spacebar is warped.”

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