Things that make us go... hmmm

Switches with a fragrance, the next big thing in frankenswitching? :crazy_face:

Not only have you to consider if stem and housing fit together, no!
You have to make sure that the fragrances give a harmonic combination.

Like “garlic-vanilla”, “bacon-lavender” or as @kb123 kind of suggested, “carcass in spring meadow” :rofl:


Do you know where this is from btw?

Wondered if anyone else does this and it made me go “hmmm”

Just a USB-C cable on a front port. Use it for charging random stuff. But more useful for discharging static electricity every time I go to sit down. I figure my motherboard is more adept at taking that charge than the majority of my keyboards. It would make more sense to run it from the back and have the end just barely poking out by my chair, I suppose.

But I’d add this into that category for things everyone in the hobby should own. A nice set of precision screwdrivers, some quality tweezers, keycap puller, switch puller, switch opener, and a handy dandy desk zapper.

Maybe I should start an IC for a customizable end that will zap you good. Artisan desk zappers. hmmmm


zFrontier is releasing KAM Soaring Skies extras on the 21st, before anyone in the group buy received theirs. Including me. Very frustrating :rage:


For better or worse, it’s true for many things at this moment. Eastern hemisphere receives things first usually (outside of SA/GMK, I suppose), and shipping/customs is taking a hot second these days.

In a similar vein, excellent pricing or sales for extras of GB keycaps also is bittersweet, but probably necessary. Times have changed drastically since we entered GBs many moons ago :sweat_smile:

But, yea, I get it, it does suck a little.

Someone posted an IC for this abomination called the ‘Funky60’ yesterday.

Thanks, I hate it.


My first thought was “well at least it’s ISO” - then I saw where they’d put the backslash… :man_facepalming:


Would prefer Tsangan top row. :rofl:


The Verge had a review of the Angry Miao Compact Touch with this amusing subhed:

“The AM Compact Touch is a weird half measure between a 65 percent layout and a HHKB. It’s a joy to use when I don’t want to throw it into a river.”

Also, I feel seen in this paragraph, as it completely nails my feelings for my Planck and other heavily layer-dependent, unusual layout boards:

“There can be a small sense of satisfaction when you nail the correct arrow movements like you’re landing a well-timed combo in a fighting game, though it’s hard to deny the feeling that all you’ve managed to do is overcome an obstacle you laid out for yourself.”


Oh my goodness, yes. 100% yes.

“Why am I doing this to myself. Stahp.”


Typing out the strong password to my password manager is the worst. Always takes me a couple tries the first time each day on those boards.

If Angry Miao had some kind of software solution to allow the touch panel to control the cursor like iPhones allow when you long-press the virtual spacebar, that might be a game-changer.

I was thinking that it would need something like this to be viable. Sounds like it is missing. At the end of the day, it’s like they are selling the hhkb layout to people that probably can’t deal with missing arrow keys.

Having to wake my keyboard once in awhile. Started happening recently although I’mj not certain it was the Ventura upgrade. Recent update haven’t fixed it but reconnecting the physical wire does.

UPDATE: This is not limited to a specific keyboard. And it happens fairly consistently after a period of inactivity, like keyboard is going to sleep.


A touchpad does seem like the better option, particularly when you could use it without leaving the home row. It does seem like HHKB + “arrows” is the goal here: arrows without arrows.

Cablemod has a new cable that has a pretend quick disconnect, you can’t actually split the cable into two pieces but you can move the “charm” on the cable with a screwdriver!

Here’s how they describe it on the product page:

CableMod Cable Charm

Our Artisan Keyboard cable removes the traditional QDC, and replaces it with a CableMod Cable Charm. Forged out of zinc oxide and featuring a luxurious powder coat, this cable accessory enables an entirely new design space for keyboard cables. This innovative accessory not only looks great, but the added weight helps keep your keyboard cable in place. Best of all, the position on the cable can be changed with a simple screwdriver, allowing you to customize the position quickly and easily.

I don’t really have a problem with this but it’s very silly, like glasses that have no prescription or coating.


:sweat_smile: I’m with you on that take.

Tho you could claim that it’s a weight to keep the cable in place… :thinking:


Do people actually use that quick connection?

Wouldn’t it leave just a dangling piece hanging off your keyboard? also do people have several of those ends attached to every keyboard?

I can’t see how it’s useful, this new mock actually makes sense.


Definitely silly, but I can see the logic. It’s another decorative piece that can be customized to match a setup. Goofy, but I get it.

I sort of felt the same about the Neson 700e. It looks kinda cool, but… not for me.


MMD Ice Cream V2 switches…

Thanks to SwitchOddities, I tried a sample of one of these a while back and was really impressed with the clean, skate-y smoothness and crisp impact sounds. I’ve poked around looking for them from time to time - and now I remember why I haven’t bought any yet:

That $16.99 price tag is for ten switches. Yep. These albeit totally decent nothing-like-NK-Creams Cream knock-off switches cost

$1.70 each (!)

Do they cost that much everywhere? No!

But they do cost that much from Epomaker’s site and their Amazon store, for some unknowable reason. As far as I can tell, that’s the only US-facing vendor that carries them.

Stray from the enclave of professionally-translated and branded storefronts, however, and this switch can be had for much more down-to-Earth prices - as long as you’re okay with shipping from China:

  • Aniy on AliExpress has them for just over 29 cents each (you can still get samples from SwitchOddities)

  • MMD Ainy (not Aniy) also on Ali has the updated V3 version for just over 34 cents each

  • They also have the slightly lighter, walled-stem version of the V3 called the “Matcha Ice Cream” for just over 33 cents each (SwitchOddities also has samples of these)

  • There’s also a listing on MMD Ainy’s Ali store for “Mmd Cream V2” switches priced at just under 24 cents each - however…

Further ambiguity about that last one: while the customer photos show the expected wing-latch switch with MMD badging, the product photos depict a 4-clip design with no badge.

What’s also just a little confusing is that those customer photos show the badge as simply the letters “MMD” - whereas the V2 I’m familiar with has an emblem next to the letters, something like this: “-|||| MMD”. A customer referred to this as an “Original MMD Cream” - presumably to point out you’d be getting the wing-latched switch of that name instead of the 4-clip one shown in the listing.

To make things even less intuitive, there is no “V1” - MMD called the first ones “V2” in relation to the original NK_ Cream; I guess they considered their switch a follow-up. :man_shrugging: