Things that make us go... hmmm

Half my boards are mini USB and half are USB-C. A QDC cables allows switching between them without having to replace the entire cable, which is super convenient.

The cable doesn’t (need to) stay with the keyboard, in the same you wouldn’t leave a normal cable plugged into your board when you disconnect the cable from your computer.

There are of course stylistic reasons for having one.


Yeah those product listing are confusing, they don’t make sense.

I wonder what’s the difference between v2 and v3? listing of the v3 only has 1 review while the v2 has a lot, their customer support answered: “Make material updates on their pins and bases”.

Also, I think the confusion stems from the store in the cheaper v2 actually using photos of NK Creams with the logo deleted.

This Leopold PCB I’ve encountered on a Reddit post.

Pretty cool Leopold takes account modding and provides different options for different layouts.


That looks a lot like a Filco PCB - which itself is based on a Costar generic one. There’s a bunch of commercial TKLs that use the same footprint, and some do have the alternate position options for switches like this one does. Those two black vertical shapes near the arrow cluster are where the controller board connects.

A point of curiosity for me is that these PCBs are similar enough to be cross-compatible - almost. Example; you can put the PCB from a $50 Turtle Beach Impact 500 into any given aftermarket Filco case - but you might have to drill a hole in the PCB to make it fit. Most of the screw and standoff holes line up between these boards, but there’s typically at least one that’s different. Sometimes you’ll have to do some modding to make it fit, sometimes they fit with no fuss. (Link is to a build log modding one of these into the case from another.)

Off-hand, theses are the boards I can think of that use this Costar footprint:

  • Filco MJ2
  • Turtle Beach Impact 500
  • KBParadise V80
  • The old Leo pictured above, never learned the model
  • CoolerMaster 87 Stealth

I know I’ve seen other rando manufacturers using it, too. Seems like a good way to save on development costs while keeping options open.


Is this some kinda looney tunes wording, or am I missing something? Granted, I only have a Bachelors in English, but I’ve have been alive on this rock for 46 years now. I’m fairly sure that’s not a word. Right?

I think I had a mini seizure trying to pronounce that one.


Reminds me a little of this guy:


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say someone was really tired when they wrote that. Could also be an accidental drag or copy-paste; I’ve jumbled some words that way before. I suppose we’ll never have the sasfitaction of knowing for sure.


It took me a minute, but I think I’ve got it.



Yeah, I seriously looked at it for a few seconds thinking, is this a portmanteau word? Is there a word that mixes satisfaction and sophistication? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nah, they just made a typo. :rofl:



Regarding “sotisphication,” Google claims this typo has been made on at least 350 webpages:


Sounds like a new entry on urban dictionary to me! :laughing:


I don’t know. The color on the [IC] Domikey Jade’s are indeed nice and subtle, but the “slits” used in the doubleshot are a bit numerous and somewhat aggressive. Plus, the D and O caps look to be somewhat different, for some reason. I’m appreciating PBTfans’ execution of this design even better now.


Those bigger slits on the O and D are to allow the plastic to flow inside the letters. If they were smaller, the plastic may not fully form around them.


Looks like Ventura 13.2.1 upgrade fixed this issue. Whew.


Has anyone checked in on Thomas lately? :sweat_smile:

This trailer brings me back to the feeling of every NIN video: equal parts fascination and “WTF am I watching right now?” lol


Got some real NIN/Tool vibes going on there.


Same. That’s… different I guess.


I remember watching NIN’s “Closer” video when I was in middle school and thinking, “this is why my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV.” :laughing:


Doesn’t he usually use the keyboard he’s reviewing to write the review, and that’s after using it for a lengthy time prior. Holy hell. Can you imagine forcing yourself to only use this controller for a week or two? :face_vomiting:


Literal torture. That does put the trailer in proper context!

Pretty much the same here. I’d only be able to watch that stuff if I was home alone. It was… forbidden entertainment.