What are you waiting for?

Do you guys not find it useful to keep track of how much you’ve spent? I just like keeping tabs on the price so that I can maintain at least the semblance of a budget.


Many here in Sweden ain’t to happy about him. My experience is OK tho.

I find it very helpful to keep track of everything in a spreadsheet, not only for shipping dates and cost, but also to easily check back and see when/where I purchased a particular item. I link the vendor name to the individual product page.


Budget, there is no budget here!


So I though I will try ordering some parts from LCSC, after all I’ve heard good things about them. I wanted it to be quick, so I picked DHL with its 3-5 days delivery:/


oooo the hit list

March - April 2022 update


  • Noxary XRF in April 2022

paid but pending

  • artisan display tray 2x2

gb unlikely

  • GMK Vaporwave R2 (is a no-go in '22 since last GH post)
  • KAT Oblique Dark (abs no updates?)


  • Deskeys V2 Tiffanies, Browns
  • Realforce R3 ANSI ?

Oh, why?

I don’t know if I should be posting other people’s negative comments here :thinking:
But it usually comes down to that it takes to long to correct mistakes.

I read that as “GMK Vaporware” :laughing: I hope not!


Ha! This could be a whole family of sets.

  • GMK Episode 3 (pick your favorite Valve franchise)
  • SA Forever (hail to the king, baby… maybe should have stayed vaporous)
  • DSS Propaganda (beyond good, beyond evil, beyond the release date)
  • HSA Feature Creep (we’ll be citizens of the stars… someday… maybe)
  • MDA Ghost (strategy wasn’t the only thing you could craft in the stars)

Bad thing about this is I purchased a bunch of shit and I can’t update my list till I get to work tomorrow, gonna leave my self a reminder here if you don’t mind:

Cross out Domes
Add shipped to Novatouch
Add GMK Kaiju
Add Domikey spacebars

Thanks for reading.


The list isn’t as long as some of ya’lls but

Keycult 2/TKL
GMK Hanok + Deskmats
Geekark WoB
GMK BRG Novelty
2x Frumpzkeys Sharingan Artisans


I’m waiting for someone to sell me a DCS “The Bro Set”, going 3 years strong waiting on this one.


I think I ordered something called an “HMKB” a bit ago.


That’s old-school… before I got (back) into the hobby. Pretty in purple! Don’t tell @mattgemmell or he’ll want one.

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Ginko65 from Wuque.
IKKI68 Aurora from Wuque.

CRP R4 from Drop
ePBT Simple Hangul

“I made this in my garage” deskmat

I was planning on chilling out for a while after getting all this, but the Polaris V2 is pretty tempting. :weary:


It came out right around when I first got into it. Its one of those “I need a time machine” moments.

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Freebird60 Navy :tired_face:


Adjacent theme; I’m waiting for the beige NK65EE to restock, hopefully later this quarter :crossed_fingers:

I had a reminder and everything, but gosh darn if that didn’t just happen to co-incide with the start of my shift today… :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t need another NK65 - but I kinda need a beige keyboard with some degree of chonkyness - the cost of the whole barebones kit there is comparable to what I’d pay a powder-coat shop in my area to do a case.

I also have an interest in directly comparing this updated version with the first, specifically in terms of how the new plate handles the hot-swap role. The first version is a great keeb, but the plate is a bit tight on switches like JWKs.


One package from Japan :jp: including:

a blue / green PD-KB400KT02 Topre keycap set (OK, 4 caps)
a Realforce 23U numpad in white color :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

ah, I forgot a package from :uk: (and so it begins, being back in keyboard business):

a Realforce 104UW (and this one is actually mainly for 1 (!) keycap, I lost the Backspace cap from my 87UW. OK, maybe also for dome swap too)