What did you get in the mail today?


No pic currently but I got some Halo Trues in the mail today. They’re a world of difference from my Box Jades but in a good way. The only thing that’s throwing me off so far is how heavy the bottom out is. It’s one of the first switches I’ve tried where I’m not bottoming out just from regular typing.


Fountain pen case:


New camera! (On the left)
Canon XC10


Whew, that’s an expensive boi there, nice! :sunglasses:


Just wondering why the XC10 over say something like the BMPC 4k?


Got it for a really good used price, and at the moment the BMPCC4K is out of stock practically everywhere with a 1-3 month wait depending on the vendor (unless you go the ebay route and shell out $2k :frowning: ).

Also the XC10 has continual AF with face tracking which makes recording A roll a lot easier than the Black Magic. The Black Magic would be absolutely great though for keyboard B roll, some meetup shots, and much more. The XC10 is a bit more friendlier as a run and gun style setup. I do plan on getting the BMPCC4k in the future though!


Epbt Grayscale Accent Kits & ISO Enter Kit.
(My base & international kit will arrive later)


what do you primarily shoot? I was so interested in the bmpcc4k when it was announced having really good rolling shutter for a CMOS sensor but now rumors of the new a7sIII having a global shutter is making me think i’ll end up dishing out 3k just to add to my a7 “collection”


At the moment I’m primarily shooting for my youtube channel, so keyboard reviews, keyboard news, the occasional interview, keyboard science, and mostly just keyboard related stuff hehe. I do plan on traveling to some meetups this year to shoot some footage so that should be fun.

The new A7 does look nice, but far too out of my budget; I’ll make a new thread in #community in case others want to join in the conversation!


FC660C with Light BKE domes + hasu
Cypher with poly plate
Carbon fiber ANSI 60% plate


Some XDA Godspeed


PBT Heavy Industry from RAMA!


Christo-Lubes from NovelKeys.

Glass jar is very nice but it’s way too heavy. I don’t think it justifies the extra shipping cost.


Nice, let us know how you like the Christo lubes! I ended up caving & grabbing a jar of the MCG-129 with some stabilizers I ordered since I’m low on thicker greases right now. I wanted the MCG112, but Mike’s out of it already!


I’m also curious how these all compare to tribosys and krytox so if you have any to compare with I’d love to hear it.


112 seemed to have the best results for me. I tried 111 112 and 129. Plan to do a full board tomorrow. I also ordered some Krytox 106 but it was strangely missing from my package.



I’m not sure if you didn’t see my reply about the weights on reddit, but we had an initial error with the weight listing, and since has been corrected. These can be ordered with First Class now.


Awesome. Thx!


Finally got all of the pieces for this together after borking my original Majestouch 2 TKL when removing the plastic case. The golden case is an aluminum one from YMDK on Aliexpress, and converts it to a removable cable, which I very much appreciate. More photos here.