What did you order or think about ordering?

Well, my spur-of-the-moment was much longer than yours but ended up ordering a black WK one with extra EC plate and PCB. Turns out this combo is $10 cheaper than EC build with extra non-EC plate and PCB. That said, I’m not sure if I actually saved money or will be short some parts.

As to the badge, hope 3D printing one will rescue my taste. A badge with long extended edge to use as pen holding ledge maybe?


I went Retro white, HHKB, EC PCB, with the EC-Alu plate with 2U Backspace.

This will be my first Topre board… Time to see what all the fuss is about :thinking:


Nice. We’ll have to all collaborate on the badge. I haven’t seen any talk of making the badge dimensions available, but surely with a group of us and some trusty calipers we can make it happen.

I also went for MX board and added on the EC PCB and plate


Sounds like a fun little project. I went with black case so my worse case solution is Sharpie. lol

The badge they use doesn’t really bother me, but I’d totally be in for a custom badge!

I am also going to participate in the MTNU group buy through the European dealer located in Germany, despite my previously outed aversion against MT3.

MTNU legends have significantly improved both in size and font style and are now on par with AFSA.

However, it is the overall lower keycap height and the PBT material that convinced me to pull the trigger on a first group buy. I like low typing angles and every bit to help achieving this counts. Hopefully, I will not be disappointed the way I was with MT3.

Nonetheless, I am still sceptical about the inclination angle of R1, which has been much reduced compared to SA. This reduces legend visibility and probably also typing comfort. As with MT3, Matt3o persists in sinning against this. Anyhow, The proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

I am going for WoB with the cyan mods, which will undoubtedly increase the cyber punk vibes of my black Stellar65 with its pink cyan lighting.

Having a twisted brain and with the letter O and the digit 0 being located next to one another, I sometimes mix those up. That will no longer happen with these legends:



These keycaps look so good, high-end design.

Looking forward to buy the Susu design, looks amazing.

I actually like MTNU’s R1 incline.

On boards with typing-angle on the high-side, I found SA R1 incline too aggressive and Cherry R1 slightly lacking in incline such that bottom lip of the keycap is what you end up hitting. So I like that MTNU R1 is mid-way between that of SA and Cherry profiles.


I ordered the WoB MTNU base set with CYM accents for my cyberpunk themed black Stellar65.

To make good use of the included numpad keys, I also ordered a FreeBird Numpad Lite Black. Unlike the Stellar12, this numpad has the usual 17 keys, of which I intend to reprogram the Num key in a BS key.

There are many 21 key numpads around, but the keycaps to populate those extra 4 keys are rarely included in base sets.


And I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy anymore keyboards this year… :disappointed:


Ordered MTNU WoB base plus the addon set. Also, took advantage of Divinikey’s sale to order some TX AP long pole stabs, some 3203, and a plate fork.

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Prototypist has a 3 for 2 deal on all in-stock keycaps sets, if that’s your thing…


I never saw this thread before… and I feel seen with this statement.


Thought about MT3 Operator. But I feel like a lot of GMK sets are about to be out for extras. So I’ll wait. Not like I need keycaps when I have a few hundred extra sets around.

It’s really delay tactics. I will probably end up buying the MT3 set, but I have to have a way to stop my impulse buying. So telling myself to hold off in case something more attractive becomes available and THEN I can impulse buy THAT thing instead. BRILLIANT!


What worked best for me is finding a off-mainstream niche. Split-Backspace alone rules out most TKL GBs. 60%, south-facing, minimum 6.5 degree typing angle, full 4mm key travel, on and on. More direct rules like not waiting for more than one or two items before order more are harder to adhere to.


Spending down to a nearly $0 balance in my hobby/fun/keyboard budget is quite effective. :melting_face:


Looking at 75% boards and im stumped between the

mode sonnet: Sonnet Mechanical Keyboard – Mode Designs
Wind Z75: 【Coming soon】WIND Z75 Keyboard Kit (launches soon)
or Jelly epoch: Endgames | Jelly Epoch (r2 launches soon)

I really don’t know which one to pick as they’d all be solid choices in my opinion.

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I can vouch for the Mode Sonnet as a really nice 75%.

Beautiful board, and lots of options. On the pricey side, but I will say that it was completely worth it.


Has anybody considered the new MTNU sets from GMK? The Beige one looks really nice.

I’m tantalized by the Wind Z75, such a beautiful board IMO. GB starts tomorrow IIRC, might hop in


I will definitely pick up some MTNU sets when they are in stock.