What did you order or think about ordering?

I haven’t tried any POM plates yet, but may be interested. Where did you buy your POM plate for this board?

On a side note, thanks for the idea to reach out to schrobie at Nix! I was able to see exactly which C-stock board I would get so there shouldn’t be any surprises. From the pictures and his description, it sounds like I could easily live with the minor imperfections… especially at that level of discount.

I used the provided plate file in Discord and ordered from Ponoko. They have black delrin (POM) in 1.5mm

It’s like $60 for just one plate though. Also, I got a message from Ponoko saying I had double lines in my file. I’ve never had that issue before, but sure enough, I opened it up in Illustrator and several lines were duplicated. They fixed it for free this one time.

I prefer the aluminum plate because it’s annoying that the switches pull out of the POM plate when changing key caps.

But I also prefer the POM plate for the feel and acoustics


Thank you. I don’t know why I didn’t even think to look at Discord for the plate files.

Most of the time I change keycaps, I also change out the switches, so I don’t think that would be too much of a deal breaker for me, but I can definitely see how that could be annoying. I have the opposite problem with the steel plates that ship with the Planck and Preonic boards; some of the switch openings are so tight that they literally shave plastic off my switches when inserted and some switches have been destroyed trying to remove them from the plate. I’m thinking about selling them both (found I like split, column-staggered ortho about 20x more than standard ortho) but definitely getting new POM plates cut if I keep them.

I think I’ll stick with the aluminum plate on the Day Off at first, so just filing this all away for later.


I did the same while back although their sheet of POM was large enough to fit 3 60% plates so made 3 for the same price. Just set the canvas size to match sheet size then copy-rotate-and-paste plate design.


Another good source for POM plates is HypeKeyboards.ca - they have white and black available. I think the individual ones might be less, but I don’t remember them having any kind of bulk / sheet option.

I ordered this today:


Never really intended on getting an exploded 75%, but less than $80 shipped is pretty hard to pass-up. >.> (Thanks again for the heads-up, @rpiguy9907) This probably will end up as a personal gift or promotional give-away, whichever happens to be relevant first. :slight_smile:


update: they do look great and are probably my favorite profile i’ve typed on


Well I said I was limiting myself to 1 GB per year…. But I couldn’t resist the Petals 60 in pink.

Now I’m for sure done :joy:


I am thinking about grabbing the one in green, although pink and purple are pretty high up on my want list as well. :+1:


Decided to get in on - Key Kobo VoC – NovelKeys LLC

Asked around in my local (Seattle) keyboard discord, and a number of people had great things to say about Key Kobo. VoC has been on my want list for a while, and last I checked DCS VoC was put on hold indefinitely. This seems like a great compromise.


I’m thinking about ordering less than full set of switches from here on when the switch is new or unknown to me. My reasoning:

  1. 10~36 switches is enough for testing in-use - testing in-use is the only way to find out how a switch really feels and sounds. Less regretful duds taking up room the better. I rarely sell anything I buy so this matters a lot.

  2. Try more switches for the same expense - when faced with a flooding waves of new switches, I’ve become more conservative in trying new switches. Buying less of each means I can try more switches.

  3. Less switches means less hassle - lubing, filming, and spring-tuning switches is tedious. This was one of the key factors in my choosing 60% as my primary size.

There is risk of ending up with great but less than complete set of switches but I’m fine with that.

Some relevant charts from one of my past posts:

When you have only 10 sample switches, use them on these keys:

When you have 20 sample switches, you can cover more alpha keys like this:


Thinking of buying yet another 60% HHKB layout board, i’m just not sure which one. Would love one with a cherry lip in the front, but there’s not many of them out there. revo happy, but that’s not available and cost an arm and a leg on mechmarket.


I like that approach, tho I would allocate two switches for the spacebar and enter/backspace because those are pretty important to feel good with a switch.


yup. I agree that keys with stab need some attention too. :+1:

What do you mean by the Cherry lip? The Class60 is starting soon, is not expensive, and has what I think is a shortened Cherry lip if I am guessing what you are taking about correctly.


oh, yes, thank you. i almost forgot about that one. i mean the small bend in the front of the board, typical of old cherry keyboards. seems like the class60 will also have a hhkb top, so that could be a contender. there need to be more 60% boards in this world.

Ordered some 58g CK Slow springs bc I needed something between 53g 3-stage WS springs and 60g TX long springs.

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Consider Leviatan? I haven’t owned a Laminar board, but he seems to know what he’s doing.


GB this summer through CannonKeys.


Was running short on stabs so snapped some Durock v2 stabs on sale at Invokeys.


Didn’t like the low typing angle but thought Mode Envoy was a good deal so went as far as adding my config to the Bag. Then I watched Brandon Taylor’s review of the keyboard where he pointed out two issues more serious than typing angle preference:

  1. Envoy’s innovative rubber feet design left the keyboard prone to tipping over when number row is pressed hard:
  2. key sound varies more than usual depending on position.

First issue is not ignorable for me so I’ve aborted purchase. I hope Mode corrects these issues (and steeper typing if possible) in the next round of Envoy.

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Considered joining Leviatán GB. 9-degee typing angle gave me pause but it’s a damn fine looking board with refined design. But the lack of hot-swap PCB sharply dampened my excitement.

I’ve gotten used to trying different switches on regular basis and soldering switches in will leave them unusable on hot-swap boards. Given that my taste continues to drift, just soldering my favorite switch won’t work either.

So, I’m going to wait for the next round. Hopefully the next round will also include Topre kit they mentioned awhile back.