What did you order or think about ordering?

Yeah couldn’t pass this guy up, go go Ronzilla!


I “splurged” and bought the DR-70F bluetooth option in creamy white and grabbed an aluminum gasket plate add-on. It’s been months since I’ve bought a keyboard. Months! :sweat_smile:

I was debating if I should wait for the GB, but someone from Divinikey mentioned the GB price “will likely be more expensive than in-stock price since some of the logistic import costs will be priced in.”


I see I’m late, but the weight of my fully built setup is 1,591 g. I may weigh the case later when I disassemble it. EDIT: case is about 1,172 g (with the vanity plate and screws).

But with regards to sound… :sweat_smile: Being over 40yo with natural age-related hearing loss, playing (guitar+drums) and listening to metal for decades, and coming from the diy split realm of the hobby where sound is not really a topic, probably make me the very last guy you should ask about this. :rofl: That said, I couldn’t hear any case ping, but as you see, this does not mean much.


Thanks, @dovenyi! I got all antsy and impatient and clicked “buy” before hearing back, but those are weights I’m really glad to hear and make me feel even better about my purchase. I really appreciate the time you took to check the weights and sounds and reply back!

That’s quite the disclaimer, but I appreciate it nonetheless! At the very least, we can say “no loud case ping.” :smile:


So… I bought another HMKB. NOW HEAR ME OUT. He was offering free shipping (again) and a free B-stock board with any purchase. So… for $94 (including shipping and taxes!) I was able to get a 65% and a HHKB layout 60% board. I mean… you can’t beat that deal, right? I have extra PCBs out the wazoo, so no need to spend money on more.

The boards are super easy to put together, especially if you have a hotswap PCB, and they’re my favorite, top mount. I don’t know how rough the B-stock will be. I’ll post when it gets here.


idc about gateron but as someone who is into keyboards and Godzilla i feel obligated to buy this

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I jumped on the DR-70F train too! Silver wired and added a southpaw alu plate for sandwich mount. I figured I could get more accessories in the group buy. I’ve been wanting an FRL tkl or larger for a bit and all the different configs seem fun especially at this price. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s builds!


Ordered a Neo 80 (silver top/bottom, copper weight, hotswap PCB, FR4 plate) direct from QwertyKeys to avoid shipping delay. DiviniKey’s estimated shipping is early April and final price buying direct was only ~$10 higher despite DHL shipping.


I have Box Jades, Box Navies, and Outemu Dustproof Greens on the way, but I’ve only got one board that actually needs switches. Damned if I’m putting reds in it though, and I didn’t have a board’s worth of anything else, so something had to be ordered.


I uhhh… I ordered the bill of materials to make 3 more KinT controllers… I have already made 3 this past weekend and put them in my boards. I only have one more Advantage 2 on order.

I think I need to order two more Advantage 2’s now… I have a problem…

Seeing as I almost always stick with linears, I’m eyeing something different and ordering the next Advantage with either Gazzew U4s or Baby Kangaroos. Also got some rattle can Krylon I’m planning on for themed builds. One build to get in the ballpark of the color this person did on their HHKB because it has lived rent free in my head for years now. The other build to have a Noctua theme because their color scheme has really grown on me, and I may have picked up an InWin Dubili gold/tan version and stuffed it with Notcua fans last year… After this spree, no more buying things. :wink:


I say this more frequently than I care to admit. haha




Ordered another set of unlubed Vertex V1. While its sound doesn’t quite match that of the best switches I have (Cream Soda, etc), it feels very tight which explains how clean the sound is: no room to rattle, not even in minor ways. That tight feel of the switch is addictive, enough to make Cream Soda switches feel loose and make me notice noises I haven’t noticed before. Since I can’t unhear that, ordering this extra set should fill the need for more.


Just ordered another Advantage 2 from UpgradeKeyboards. This time with Gazzew U4 to have a truly tactile one and replace (to some extent) the hole of not having a Topre board in the form factor I want.

I will have 5 Advantage 2s when this arrives. This is proof that even end game is the start of a new kind of game. End end game.


First post here! Thinking about ordering some MMD Princess Tactiles.

Wondering if anyone has tried the MMD Princess V3.
I understand the differences between the V2 and the V3.

V2: LY Stem
V3: POM/PTFE, Dustproof stem

I know some would say they prefer the LY Stem of the V2 Princess.

If you have owned both, which do you prefer and why? Is it sound? Feel? Stem wobble?


KeebsForAll finally shipped Class60 a week ago. Hate that I had to go to KFA Discord to find out. Couldn’t they just rig Discord to update their website? Of course, the fact that KFA deleted Class60 page after GB ended is a problem.


Yeah, I kind of hit that point where I refuse to order anything from KFA, even if that means spending a bit more in shipping to get it from the runner themselves or a different proxy. I’ve been burned with the KFA wait times too many times in the past and the Freebird TKL color debacle was the icing on the cake of staying away from them.


I’m currently a bit anxious about a couple KFA orders myself. Never got confirmation emails (but definitely got charged), and still haven’t gotten a reply from customer service after emailing last week. :confused:


Me too. But I think it’s something about being sick or having a sick kid :man_shrugging:

Good info to know going forward. I’m personally very suspicions of Valasupply still. Have you seen how many Group Buys they have run? At this point, they’re like 2-3 months behind in shipping out sets that other vendors already finished shipping. It’s crazy. And this is from the company that told me “they weren’t a very big operation so they couldn’t offer a price adjustment.”

I count 29 pre-order items on their site. Those are primarily keycap sets that are either en-route to them, or sitting in their warehouse waiting for fullfillment. 12 of those are GMK sets. Like… sets that people posted glamor shots of on reddit a month or two ago and are “pre-order” on their site.

This isn’t counting the close to 40 different keycap listings that are in stock on their site.

At least they’ve stopped running group buys for the moment. This seems to be a phenomenal load of work for a small company to fulfill.


As an update, I did hear back from someone at KFA about both my orders - so that’s good. I think the lack of confirmation emails has more to do with a somewhat buggy self-hosted inbox, so I do appreciate them replying.

With KFA and even moreso Vala it seems like they outgrew their operation and haven’t… reached equilibrium.

I have one GB out with Vala, set to ship in two months. :man_shrugging: