What is on your desk today?


I’ve thought a few things out about this :wink:


Saw a Red Scarf III in a red aluminum case and the Galaxy Class keyset on r/mm, but the total would be $625 :sob:


I fear I may have gone too far this time…

Change My Mind: 40% layouts are insufficient for serious work

this. is. BEAUTIFUL


Whoa, this is great


Thanks guys! machined/powder coated cases to come!


I think I love you.


Please let there be an interest check and group buy for this!


Oh… oh my :heart_eyes: is there also a “northpaw” version? :grin:


I dunno. Threw this together as more of a personal want. but I do have somewhat serious intentions of doing a GB (or just producing it out of pocket) for the main ergo 45% portion minus the numpad part once I get that design finalized. but I’m certianly not against doing a GB for this as well if enough are interested. I just figured most would think it defeats the purpose of having a small board in the first place… lol.

nope sorry :frowning: but I’m super glad you like it anyway!


Fair enough! I understand how the Numpad might defeat the purpose in terms of size but I just think it’s a cool layout and perhaps more ergonomic?

I’d actually be very interested in just the 40% part cutoff or even as you have it now.


Today I’m using the DC01 prototype from Mechboards :slight_smile:



This is too cool.


Finally found an IBM Model M and got it all cleaned up.


PC Singa with Jelly POM


Oof… Is that from the R2 Singa run?


Also rocking my PC singa :slight_smile:


Sweet looking boards, my friend!


This thing. 350g blacks. why am i doing this


Another hylian owner :slight_smile: