What is on your desk today?


This is the first time I post mine. There are 18 of us I believe?




Absolutely drooling over that Canoe. Even have the Holy Pandas in it. Damn.


I’ll play today. Have two builds planned in the future and an order for the Rocketeer. Will be a much more interesting shot of my desk soon.


Thanks man :slight_smile: it’s a daily driver these days


Nothing fancy from me today though I have a new Olive + Black 60% sleeve to go with my HHKB that my wife just made. Want to alternate between it and my Midnight Blue one.


Zen work daily driver until Sol ships.


I dig the these keycaps, changed from the previous photo. Is it GMK Stormtrooper, or something newer?

While I’m at eat, pointless without photos, but at this moment:

a) Apple AEKII with Swiss-French layout on a MacBook, and

b) typing on a Cherry G80-1000 HAU with springs from a Cherry MX blue board connected to a Linux box.


Where can one get a THX30?


Mech27 with H87a prototype PCB (thanks @hineybush), acrylic plate (thanks @beep), Panda stems in Cherry housings (waiting on more Halo stems to swap those in) and GMK Laser.


@Allo That came out looking fantastic! Damn, now I need to track down a set of Laser for my Mech27…

Edit: Do you have any shots showing the plate? :smiley:


It’s not for sale, just as a gift for who joined round 1 1800mini or BLE40 or Taichi groupbuys.


Ah OK, a Gherkin will have to do.


I found the answer for the TGR board from Manofinterests (one of his many boards here), it has been GMK Pristine. Beautiful, just ordered the set. I couldn’t decide before between totally white for Stormtrooper and almost white with Pristine… Decision made now:)…

Have already two OG Cherry sets (one on Box Whites, oh dear) and the GMK Classic Retro, so I am pretty confident now, that I will be totally satisfied with the all L9 almost white now…


Edit: Do you have any shots showing the plate? :smiley:

I was so eager to get the caps on I didn’t. Next time I mod the switches I will make sure to take a few pictures.


Trying out that OLKB life.


HHKB Tofu with Maxkey Lime and shaved box jade switches!



how do the rotated alphas feel?


R2 Galactic Blue Norbatouch (waiting on a powder coated Norbaforce) with GMK solarized + white mod/fix kit + vim keys. The Novatouch is lubed and silenced with BKE Redux ultra lights.