What is on your desk today?



Do you have more pics of the tofu? Curious to see how it looks IRL.


You can find more at KBD.fans https://kbd.fans/collections/60-layout-case/products/kbdfans-tofu-60-aluminum-case?variant=17517409501242

This is as IRL as it gets. On my desk, dark with a slight tint of green.

UPDATE: dang. looks like I’ll have some crooked switches to resolder. real bad from top-down view.


Recently did a bunch of work on this guy thanks to some new things I picked up over at @Alexatpanc store, freshly lubed R10 67g Zealios, new white with purple flake powder coated plate, and one of my favorite GMK sets on a purple tofu case from kbdfans


A little off topic but thought I shared. I primarily work from home. So I asked my company for a monitor and got two. Not complaining but and advise on how to spruce my desk? Artwork on the wall? Shelves? Some ideas would be great!


A NovelKeys deskpad, perhaps :smile:


How about a framed print to go above your monitors? I have the U.S. Patent for Cherry MX switch on my wall.


Yeah I dig that thanks for the suggestion!


I’ve been looking but they seem to be all sold out. They have B stock but I don’t like that colorway.


Question what size is that?


I bought the print from UK-Keycaps. Sold out now as it was a small batch of handmade screen printed A2 posters. The frame is from Amazon and the print fits perfectly.


NovelKeys should be getting some in stock after the group buy purchases have been shipped out. According to their inventory page, there should be some coming in September :smiley:


Hi, I am new to keebtalk! I just heard from it and liked the idea.
This is my work keyboard. A Plum84 with BKE Redux Domes and a (mostly) granite keyset.


KBDFANS TOFU with ddilliPCB,and some artisan keycaps by hammer and MM.:smile:


prod daochu fangdu haha


LZ CLS HHKB with GMK Muted.


ErgoDox EZ v1 with MX Red Silent switches.


@Mr_Space_Ranger That’s one seriously awesome desktop wallpaper you have there. :+1:


Noxary x75 prototype


Currently waiting for lube to arrive in order to lube these ZealPC Zilents with.