What is on your desk today?


Thanks my guy!!


This guy will be on my home desk for the foreseeable future. Need to pick up some sorbothane for it before I’d bring it to work.


How are you liking that mouse? I personally love it. :smiley:


It’s the one mouse I always go back to. I use trackballs and the Microsoft Precision mouse, but none of them are really as convenient as the master 2s.


Rocking an old modified iPod Classic, Launchpad with some Godspeed caps, and a Preonic with Devlin Aurora.


I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts of how it feels and sounds after you install the sorbothane.



that green pearl looks great with those caps.


really like that number/macro pad you have there. what is it, like half a nyquist with an aluminum case?


I have never seen a green pearl before, very cool!


Sure thing. I’ll report back once I finally grab some for the board.



It’s the Prime-M from primekb.com. currently out of stock but hope to have a few more soon-ish hopefully.


dang that looks really nice. Ill have to keep my eye out for them when they come back in stock,


RGBKB Sol prototype, tented to 13 degrees, super comfortable to type on.
Decked out with retooled and lubed Outemu Ice switches, Vintage Black Springs, Clear stems
MT3 /dev/tty


Where my messy desks with stuff on em at?


My MechMini with keytox lubed gateron blacks and gateron yellows on the mods.
Sporting GMK LED Zeppelin and a Watser

I really like the feel of linears on acrylic.
Waiting for TopClack to release their acrylic plate for 60s. :wink:




Here is my Iris. Yes should have cleaned it up …

PBT subdyed keys from an old typewriter,
ABS double shot from another typewriter for the thumb keys
Both blue and grey, all german, but layout is not (colemak us)
Cables from falbatech.
Switches, mostly Speed Copper, some cherry browns for the pinky finger keys (and a few more)

Aluminium iris plates, still thinking about a middle layer …


I had a similar picture like this on this post but looking for some advice to spruce this setup