What is on your desk today?


May or may not have two sets. Don’t judge me.


Today I put a new project in front of me - the Iris split keyboard from keeb.io


New to me Model M made in ‘93 by IBM. Needs a nice cleanup now. Any tips?


If you are gonna open 'er up and clean around, you should consider bolt modding :smiley:


Adding to what Manofinterests said: ultrasonic cleaning for the keycaps, and replacing the front bumpons for new ones (if the ones that board has are damaged).


Same desk, same accessories same keyboard this time with blank key caps :wink: gonna put my touch typing to the test these next few days!




I can see your mic setup so clearly



TADA68 with MOD-M Tactile and GMK Oblivion. No matter how many boards and kits I purchase, I always go back to my TADA for work (at home its 40% all the way).



My K-Type wearing SA Godspeed keycaps, now with the following updates:

  • Lunar Alpha F and J homing keys from some fortuitous grab bag trading
  • HYPER key in place of RAlt, which I used as a “compose” key
  • USS Enterprise-D artisan from the Galaxy Class set in the Pause position


OLKB x MD PLANCK with starrynight made by Keyreative.
Order this planck for collection.I prefer use BLE40 or Chicory because wireless are so convenience.


Sorry for my slow reply, @Gouty—was at a conference all last week. Before powder coating, cases are either fresh out of the mill (with deburring only) or they have been anodized. Generally the shop will bead-blast them prior to coating to improve adhesion.



This gave me an idea for a keyboard to be called the Red Shirt: DSA Galaxy Class on a Red Scarf II+


Please do that. Stat.


I foolishly passed on the Galaxy Class GB and also do not have a Red Scarf of any kind :pensive:

although I bet Galaxy Class would look pretty great on a Red Scarf III … hmmmmmm


What Galaxy Class needs is GMK version with little more vibrancy and details.


How do you display it without getting dust and such? It’s such an amazing piece I’d have it under a glass cover with a mirror behind it to show both sides at the same time.