What is on your desk today?


Oh nice! I stopped visiting Massdrop a while ago and haven’t kept up. Too bad I missed this one!


Decided I need to give some of my other boards some love so today I’m rocking this,



I did a little clean up on my desk


I can’t wait to join the CA66 Club!


Honestly I’m quite happy with how my Pearl is currently laid out using bootmapper. Hell I’ve even got it set up so I can use it for gaming comfortably.


kawaii club


Hopefully they are amazeballs. Waiting to make it rain for the Heavy-sex sex zero C


I like that. I should just called it the Heavy-Sex from now on. However, while Topre does afford a nice tactile experience, employing such a name would probably be over-promising a bit.


what im currently using at my office until my next prototype is done. sorry for the overly yellow light.


My workfox with mismatched dsa


Where can I find more details about these MX spacebar stabs you speak of?


There are 4 pieces you need (the slider and the housing for both left and right) and then a regular MX adapter slider for the middle. I would recommend lubing the slider/housing as the 3d printed plastic has a bit more texture than the regular stock pieces, but I’m happy with the feel now.

Also note that this will allow you to use a 6.25 spacebar, but to get a completely seemless conversion you will need to modify the plate ever so slightly to bump some of the switches over.

More here


Just got my prime-m. I like it.
Thank you Holten.


S65-X with SA Carbon.


Very nice. Glad you like it.


What’s the macro pad you have there?




Huh, I’ve never heard of these guys before. Shame it’s out of stock because it’d make a great artisan display piece.



Them alphas…hnnngh.