What is on your desk today?


I’ve been playing with different switch/keycap combinations with the Weaven and finally landed on something that looks fun and sounds goooooood! Of all my keyboards the Weaven by far sounds the best. I’ll have to post a typing video when I have time to record one:

  • DSA Mito Legacy
  • Lubed Tealios
  • Lubed GMK Stabilizers

Apologies for the potato-quality pic. shot this with my phone


for the love of all things holy sell it to me.


Working on a buy :slight_smile:


Sorry for crappy phone pic.
Currently using this.
KDB8X and Logitech Master MX 2S


What’s on for today is a WhiteFox with Hako Trues and GMK Muted. Think these might be on a new permanent home. Really like the way this combo looks. Only bummer is the stock stabilizers, so I crammed as much Tribosys 3204 as I could fit in to the stabs with the keycaps off. It did help a little, but I wish I could replace the stabs without needing to desolder.


Ergo60 prototype in a @keyboardbelle Kishsaver prototype with Outemu Sky and DSA vomit.


Unboxed this live on stream the other day. Now stripping and rebuilding begin!!


:smile_cat: prototypes on prototypes :smile_cat:


Preonic again!


Got the DSA Drifter restock in the mail last week so I could complete my setup and have a matching macropad and board


LZ CLS with Sky Dolch. #hugeclub

Waiting on new custom cable from mechcables.com


TX60 in Champagne with GMK Red Samurai


Zeal60, Tex case, Mekanisk Pro ISO brass plate, Lubed MX Clear stems in zeal housings, 85g Sprit springs, Zeal v2 stabs and GMK Samurai


Needed some clicky action in my life today, so I’m rocking my ACR60 build.
ACR60 plate/PCB, Box Navy switches, KBDfans 5° case, & Maxkeys SA B&G caps.


AEK64 with Green Alps


Looks like you switched over to the deft pro. How are you liking it compared to the huge? Nice color combo on the tx60 btw.


Thanks! I think the color combo is working out spectacularly!

I do like the deft pro quite a bit! I’ll actually work on either a write up a short video comparing the two soon.


That Maxkey set looks really nice. Are the alphas more gray or beige in person? In your photo they look kind of beige to me, and I like it better than the cooler colors in the photo on kbdfans.


Thanks! It is much closer to the cooler colors of KBDfans pics in person. I took that pic with my desk lamp on & that always causes colors to look warmer.


nice, cant wait to read the write up. I currently have a huge and have been thinking about grabbing either the deft pro or the new version of the huge to take into the office. Still on the fence though.