What is on your desk today?


This is wonderful! Im very interested in this board, did you get it from Taobao?


Wow, thanks a lot for the pics :blush: I’m thinking of getting a JTK Red on White and use the Red modifiers with Burgundy, and use the gray modifiers with OG cherry :slight_smile:
The struggle is, I allready have too many keysets, and I’m constantly fooling myself to get more :smile:


Want to know this as well. Really neat looking board.


been looking more and more i love the compact feel but its missing all the punctuation keys. I don’t think i could manage without comma, and period in my base layer. still a fantastic little board. I would jump on it if if had the normal layout there.


I was bought the groupbuy “ticket” through taobao.
In fact, this round groupbuy of 1800mini start in late 2016, and lasted for a whole year of 2017, until the author u/yangdigi felt that he could make all the ideas come true than he start this project (early 2018).



Just finished building it and test-fitting to make sure everything is working. Don’t mind the keycaps, they are temporary. Gray case, brass plate, brass backplate, brass bar, Zealios 67g (springs lubed with Tribosys 3204) with clipped, lubed (SuperLube/3204) and band-aid modded GMK screw-in stabilizers.


Wow, that’s a LONG group buy. Hopefully the results are worth the wait. :slight_smile:


Of course worth waiting! I love it so much!


My new work bench is mostly set up and ready to go


Putting my Norbaforce away for this. The colour is great in and of itself but what keyset would go well with it LOL!


What’s that case ? :slight_smile:


I think regular beige or white/gray would go well. The Galaxy Class set was pretty much made for that so I think any pastel colors would work as well. I love that finish and not many people show it off as much as they should


It’s Norbauer’s case for the Novatouch, powder coat version named Galaxy Console


I actually just looked up the old R2.5 GB thread on GH and Godspeed seems to be a very good match. I can only hope that MiTo will be brining the set to new profiles since I don’t like SA as well as flat profiles (DSA/XDA). Because of that, even though this was made with Galaxy Class as a pair, I could never use it like that :frowning:


Do you have a link to those stabs? :slight_smile:


4 parts total, left and right housings and plungers.


Canoe with vint blacks, and gmk muted.


Tofu HHKB with the amazingly beautiful DSA Alchemy!


Oooh first spotting of alchemy! Looks gorgeous.


The more I look ar Canoes in the wild, the more I want one, Very nice!