What is on your desk today?


Thanks! The big one in the middle or the one by the keeb?


Designed and printed a high profile Iris case with integrated thick switch plate and 6° incline


The one by the keyboard with the time on it.


That is a iPad Pro 10.5.


It does not look that big! Your desktop is set up really well!


Thank you! Much appreciated :grin:


O that Iris is lovely! feel free to design a VERY high profile one for me to acommodate my commodore 64 caps :stuck_out_tongue: Either in brown or gold :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! Making it taller is a very simple change. As it is now, it’s 7mm from the top of the switch plate to the top of the case. How much taller would it need to be? I’m not familiar with the specifics of commodore 64 caps but so long as they are 100% compatible with typical MX switches and their spacing that would be the only change necessary.


My current work-from-home setup. Been daily driving the hotswap WKL TOFU with epbt 9009, as my first (3!) true customs/group buy boards all come this fall and I need try a ton of different switches and meme combinations


Phantom PCB, Cherry MX black, Filco case and ePBT 9009


Had a switch die in the Helix and was unable to troubleshoot the issue over the weekend so I brought in the Nyquist Rev2. She’s got Pro Purples, a mixed OEM keyset and 3D printed case.


Not my desk but, there’s better lighting and lots of whiskey here. First better board experience for me.
KBD75, Tealios, Cherry stabs. This is pretty awesome! I have begun to understand.


Filco majestouch 2 with silent reds, Pegasus hoof controller, Rose Pexon cable, black pbt from KBDfans and a Nightfox set with Pink GMK accents. This will be in permanent rotation for me.


Laser Nights (Laser Gaijin with Miami Nights Mods) on Tokyo60 with Speed Coppers.


[Office] Whitefox // PBT Gateron Blanks // Ergo Clear Alphas + Speed Bronze Modifiers



That’s a really cool combo!


Pure gold!