What is on your desk today?


I absolutely love that num pad!!


Finally got around to making my Holy Skies & rebuilding my Nightfox this weekend! Very happy with the finished product, the Holy Skies land much closer to my personal preferences than the BOX Royals I originally built it with. Now just waiting on my sheet of sorbathane to throw inside the case & I think this board will be a done deal for me! :metal:


Color combo is on point! Very nice :beer:


On and a little bit of around. Small linear switch collection also


Potato quality because of lighting but yeah.



How did you mod the cable on your mouse?
That looks beautiful, nice setup!


Hey I recognize those caps! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Looks good man! :metal:


Yes it can with Hasus USB2USB Converter.
But that is an external solution, which works with almost any usb keyboard
Otherwise i wouldn’t be able to use it. <3


Thanks! It’s a Mechpad (basically a b.pad as far as i can tell) with SA Dasher. I don’t like typing on SA but i love the way it looks so using it on a numpad scratches that itch without being annoying in daily use.


Stayed up 'till 2am because procrastination. 1 batch to go after work :slight_smile:


Thanks! The trackball has a micro USB port so I just used one of the ZAP cables I had around.


SA Dasher is one of my favorite keysets. Jelious :slight_smile:


Hah, I only have the numpad kit! Picked it up on Massdrop during one of their extras sales. Wish I had the whole thing!




might need to reinforce that table to support this sucker. Lordy, that’s a lot of metal


1up60rgb PCB and Steel plate with GMK Serika on Box Royals (with Krytox grease).

The layout is a bit strange, but it fills out with a standard GMK base set. I’ll have to get used to the Backspace key being lower than usual.

It only takes two stabilizers to build as well.


Nice board! I have one with the funky two stab layout as well :slight_smile:


Whats the name (pcb/kit) of this one? Looks nice.


Thanks. It’s the Iris (v2.6) PCBs and I designed/printed the cases myself. They are available on thingiverse. Or I could print one once I get some issues with my printer figured out.