What is on your desk today?


Brought out the Elder for my wife to use for work.

CM Store Quickfire TK with MX browns. First mech I ever bought and the start of my trip down the rabbit hole.

Never forget your first mk :+1:


MT3 Elven on Nightfox with 67g Zilents. I was surprised how much I disliked the feel of Zilents with GMK keycaps, and even with DSA ABS, but with MT3 PBT they feel and sound really nice.




Isn’t it crazy? For some reason MT3 makes zilents feel so much more tactile to me.



Box Royal for Enter, Box Navy for Space, and Gat Blues for the rest. Caps are a mix of OEM’s.


M60: 67g Zilents // ePBT BoW // Zap Cable
M6: Halo x Zilents // boxr x king // ePBT blanks


Earlier today, while I decided between DSA Dolch and GMK Laser on my M60-A Moon.

(I went with Dolch eventually)


Good Old Leopold FC750 with 62 lubed Zealios + QMX Clips + dev tty base + Triumph Mods

And it’s little topre brother FC660c:


Looks :fire:! I’ve had largely the same experience with 78g Zilents in my Redscarf. With any Cherry profile caps I’ve tried on them they feel kinda scratchy. SA caps on the other hand feel pretty good on them.


Shout out to @keyboardbelle

I have no idea why this is a b-stock case. I also had no idea you could get such nice things with printing. Really cool, lady. Really cool.

Haven’t had a good case for showing off my EVE set in a while. DSA Hydro looked spectacular on it also, but I like the more worn feel of EVE :slight_smile: with the retro inspired board.




KAT on the KBD75??


What type of wood is that case made of? Looks like walnut.


Klippe with some retooled/lubed/spring swapped sky v2.2s.

Although after using my HHKB with BKE heavies for a little over a week now I’m finding it hard to go back to MX style switches :frowning:


How’s the sound feedback on walnut vs an aluminum case?? Is it much more muted?


I had these Zilents in an aluminium case prior to the wooden one and I can say that they sound a lot better now. Overall I would say that the switches sound deeper and more defined.


How do you like the Pro Ansi brass plate? I have Pro Iso brass plate and I really like it.


I love brass plates! Brass, CF and polycarb are definitely my top 3 favorites.


This is my daily driver at work! Leopold FC980C, lubed with Krytox 205g0 & 205g2 for the stabs, silenced, and springs added beneath keycaps to reach that sweet 55g. It took me 5 hours to mod this thing but it’s so worth it, and people really seemed to like the feel at the Vancouver Meetup.