What is on your desk today?


My desk is a hot mess


A quick snap before I can take some better photos!


Dude clean your desk, that shit is disgusting :stuck_out_tongue:


Using the Planck at the office today.


M60 + weight with Zeal stabs and 65g Arctos.


Damn, what’s that case you have the top pearl in? I’m digging it.


I could never work in such an environment. Kudos to you!

(But please still clean your desk, this is giving me anxiety :wink:)



Color coordination at my workplace

(sorry for potato quality, can’t use my DSLR :sweat_smile:)


The blue of the M60-A is such a good fit for Nautilus


The Hulk fist really ties it all together. :ok_hand:


It’s an acrylic case from Jordi Olimon. After I saw the transparent Pearl I asked him to cut me a case with the colours I picked that would hopefully match the mitolet set. It turned out really well!


How are the arctos?


I’m curious about them as well @Starston3.


Haven’t had a lot of time with them to make a very informed opinion but first impressions, they’re pretty good switches, bigger bump than stock zealios (compared to R9/10) but less than Royals, rounder than Skies v2.2. Less ping than zealios too, but that could be because they are prelubed. They are a pretty good switch for those that want a lubed switch, that are in stock and cheaper the gb Zealio price. Zealios v2 / Holy Panda are still ‘better’ bigger bump, but these are great for the price.
FWIW: a lot of this hobby is subjective and based personal preference. I think they’re fine, but I’m sure there will other that think they’re shit. So ymmv.



I finally managed to find a keyboard I have been after for a while, a Novatouch in a Norbauer case. DSA Hyperfuse was the only spare set I had around, but I think it works pretty well. Over the next few weeks I will be rotating out keysets on all of my board so I may have some fun new combinations to keep things spicy.


I want GMK Olivia so bad, but the aftermarket pricing hurts me.


I really like the matching of the purple case to the Mitolet caps. I tried Mitolet on the Laser Alt case but the purples didn’t quite match up.