What is on your desk today?



dang that looks nice, almost like wood. is that like a brushed copper case that is oil treated or some kinda dye?


USB converted NOS Magnavox Videowriter


Zeal60 PCB, Pro ISO brass plate, Cherry MX Clears in Zealios housings, TEX case and GMK Samurai


It’s all anodized. If I had to guess. They anodized a black or dark brown layer underneath, than did a coat of the ‘copper’ color on top before brushing it down.


that is quite interesting for sure. thanks for the explanation. looks very rustic, i bet it would look awesome setting on a bear skin desk mat with a few fountain pins and an axe sitting next to it.


Filco PCB with Pegasus Hoof, Cherry MX Silent Black, TEX Case and GMK Carbon


Using this ill-advised project while I am doing some work on my other boards and rotating key sets.

Bonus GIF of obnoxious LEDs: https://i.imgur.com/OcdTfYW.gif


Some kind of custom full-size, or an LED mod for an existing one?


It is a Logitech g610 that I got for free that was going to be thrown away. Disassembled, cleaned (it was filthy), desoldered. Replaced the switches with ones made from the parts left over after making MX Zilents for another board, installed some orange LEDs, sanded the case down and painted it pearlescent white. I wanted all white keycaps, but a handful of the modifier keys are very nonstandard.


Oh, yeah, weird: just noticed the odd sizing on R5. Bummer that you couldn’t make it happen.


Singa R2 with lubed retooled MX blacks and ePBT 9009 R3.

  • Zealios V2 62g lubed with TriboSys 3204
  • KBD6X (South-facing v1)
  • Acrylic Tofu with brass plate
  • Cubic Jukebox with Hammer Fidget Spinner Artisan Keycap


Installed Outemu no slot clear tops to the switches in this build to kill the wobble from using Zealio (Gateron) tops with Halo stems so I could rock SA Godspeed on it. Loving the look & feel even more now! I’m seriously impressed with the amount of extra tactility & super smooth feel swapping Outemu Sky actuation leaves into V1 Zealio housings gives. Definitely the closest feel to Holy Pandas without Panda housings I have felt, hell IMO it’s actually bit better thanks to how smooth the V1 Zealio bottom housings are! I honestly urge anybody who has some spare V1 Zealios & Outemu Skies laying to try the leaf swap. :metal:

Edit: Changed the pic for one edited to make the colors look closer to how they do IRL. Also I decided on a small change in the keys used on the top row.


Got some brown Alps in today :slight_smile:


Completed the Laser setup, finally :smiley:


Nice, best tactiles in the world there! I’m honestly a bit jealous, SKCM browns have been my white whale of switches. Every time I come across a donor board or harvested batch I don’t have the money for it, when I do have the money they are nowhere to be found! :money_mouth_face: Someday… LOL!

Anyways, any plans for them yet or did just grab them because the opportunity presented itself?


I call it “The Black Pearl”. Lubed with 3204, KBD silence-x rings, BT hasu, and lined with sorbsthane. All I need now is some 55g domes.

Obligatory Swires shot:


Amazing shot. Great job!


Either tray mount with POM plate, or in my TX60 with antique copper finish :eyes: