What is on your desk today?


Finally built the courage to build my very first custom, the Kira EXS. Gateron Yellows with stock springs, lubed with Tribosys 3204 and clothed with GMK 9009 using GMK Muted accents.


Very nice, can’t wait to see it!:metal:


Running the same board and set, it is beautiful.



KBD 5* Case with SA Foundation.


Custom acrylic MiniVan with GMK Laser atop V1 Zilents


She’s a beaut, Clark.



No GMK keycaps? :anguished:


DCS font is prettier :slight_smile:


Waiting for dat GMK Jamón… although that would probably go well with a Verne :wink:


fill the IC


New mobile work/school setup!



that’s a beautiful photo!




JTK Yolch came in the mail. Slapped it on my ProVan


Kayak! with DSA Alchemy



upgraded my panda board to a holy panda board.

The original build I posted here a while back:


  • Holy Bsun lubed with TriboSys 3204
  • GH60 Satan
  • Green Tofu with brass plate
  • Cubic Jukebox mint alphas with Cubic Midnight Dawn mods

Got both base keysets of Cubic Jukebox from Massdrop Flash sale. Midnight Dawn set is very nice (Calm Depth like) but wanted to see how mint alphas would look. Not bad, I think.