What is on your desk today?


What is that awesome mouse?


Copper mm2 :eyes:


It’s the Elecom Deft Pro! I’m a big fan


It’s the elecom deft pro.


New SA set for the Helix!

EDIT: Sorry for all the edits. It seems iCloud corrupted the last couple photos I imported here.


Looks really nice with that set man! I’ve been rocking my Let’s Split for the last few days, it’s making me want to do another split build soon!


Jukebox alphas with Midnight dawn modifiers does look pretty dope bud!



Thanks! Gotta love split ortho! I had a couple Let’s Split keebs and loved em!


Might toss Muted PBT on here (has better compatibility), see how I feel about it. First time using HHKB layout and Gateron blacks.



home desk - little on the messy side :confused:

work desk - please ignore the crap cabling. haven’t had time to redo it since i setup the 3rd monitor.


Just finished putting together my LFKPad, time to get to tinkering with the firmware to configure all the LEDs just how I want them :joy:


Work keyboard



LZ GH V2 with V1 Zealios (67g, springs lubed with 3204), GMK stabilizers (lubed, clipped and band-aided) and ePBT 9009.


My work daily driver. One of these days, I’ll hopefully get around to bolt modding it.


I like the box of random stuff on your desk that’s how you know you are really getting work done


I definitely didn’t spend at least 4 minutes arranging that thing to take this picture, no sir.


KBD67 Built by @Jae-3soteric with Outemu Skies and finished in DSA Alchemy