What is on your desk today?


Thinking of pulling the Cherrio switches and throwing in the Tealios switches I got for another project. Threw on the new SA keyset and love it way better than the XDA keyset.



Looking awesome. Also gives me hopes on how will MT3 Susuwari will look on my white/beige FC660c :slight_smile:


I def like this combo the contrast is great. Would love to add a hint of red


Very powerful looking combo!



Love it!


What kind of cable is it ?


Thats a Lemo cable made my @westfoxtrot


I finally got around to building my Canoe with some 68G retooled blacks. I couldn’t be bothered to lube them and I’m kind of curious to see how smooth I can get them by using this board everyday for the next few weeks. I did bag lube the springs with skateboard bearing oil like @Manofinterests suggested in his “recipe” to alleviate some of the spring noise. Works like a charm and was very painless :smiley: The pocket had RGB Browns but swapped them to Hako Royal Clears for that TACTILE DATA ENTRY


Kumo MiniVan prototype, Arrow layout, Retooled Cherry Blues with clipped Halo Stems, 55g springs, and 3203 lube.


@Jae-3soteric thankfully already answered the question. If you want to see a bit more, here is another shot of the cable :smiley:


Which lube did you use?


Thank you!


Bones Speed cream. It’s the only thin lube I had on hand that I use for my skateboard but I think knife oil or bike chain lube would do the same thing.



Nice tactile mod, sir. Now, send me my Kumo, please :slight_smile:


not until it’s ready :smiley:

but everything is looking really good for delivering on time



Just finished putting together my first CRKBD/Helidox, with Navy switches (non-box) and enjoyPBT caps arranged in a Dolch-ish pattern.