What is on your desk today?


My work board for some time (Pok3r w/ MX Clears) received a face lift with JTK Yolch. First JTK set and happy with the quality.


FC660C, kbdfans Topre 9009, spare PBT space bar I had lying around, and extremely wonky right shift key. Aside from the wonky shifts I’m loving this keyset! Nice as the stock Leopold caps are (and they are very nice), it’s cool to have a full aftermarket option.

I took the opportunity while the stock caps were off to install Silent-X rings on the sliders. It was tedious work! Upstroke clack is much reduced, though there’s a bit of a whispery noise on the downstroke on some keys that wasn’t present before, most likely from the silencing rings moving up and down on the slider.

My only regret is that the FC660C doesn’t have split backspace. I got used to it on my other boards and moved backspace down, but that means I have a 2.25U \ key above it :smiley:


As pictured it’s technically on the floor. :slight_smile: Iris, Aluminium case, Aurora K-types, BOX Jades. My daily driver at home, had it at work for nearly a month until a product owner finally gathered the courage to ask me to stop use it at work. :slight_smile:


hold up. That iris is cool and all, but tell me about that pillow :smiley:


My HHKB Pro 2 with the Hasu BT Controller.


A friend of mine made it for me because she knew I’m into this hobby. I’m very fond of it.


Slapped GMK on the 8x… kinda makes me want to get a better matching set and keep it.


Trying something different…


woah that’s a really interesting design in the middle :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


There is so much :thinking: on the right hand side of that keyboard.


FC660C in a @norbauer Heavy-6 prototype, cerakoted in a satin black finish. It’s been my daily driver keyboard for the last two months and I absolutely love it.


I see Presonis Eris E4.5 (right? :P) and Miami Night, I approve (Y)


Close! E3.5s.


My office keyboard & numpad are home for the holidays, so my desk is completely ridiculous today:

(top keyboard & numpad have V2 67g Zilents, bottom keyboard has V2 62g Zealios. GMK Laser on both, obviously)


I love this set up!


Still a Pok3r RGB in 1965 SA…


Filco PCB, Pegasus Hoof, Cherry Mx Silent black, 72g spring, Tex case and Enjoy pbt.


Are these from Idea23?


Slow day, so I turned a Pellegrino bottle into a cord organizer.

Also featuring Minivan Laser Cycle with MX browns. Looking forward to being able to hot swap on the kumo.


Take the Pellegrino bottle idea the whole way and cut a hole through the side of the bottle so you can run the wire through, then twist the bottle to wrap the cord :smiley:

Otherwise that’s a clean setup with some beautiful shine on those keycaps.

Are you a left or right thumb for spacebar kind of person?