What is on your desk today?


LOL I’ve literally been day dreaming of going to home depot to do just that ever since I set this up.

This has been my daily work board for over a year now, so I’ve made sure it’s gotten good use. Left thumb is space and number layer, right thumb is enter and symbol layer.

Somehow switching between a single spacebar at night, and split space by day hasn’t messed me up too bad yet, but every now and then I get stuck in a loop and cant stop slamming my thumb for enter.



You’re messing with me on purpose aren’t you :laughing:


lol oh wow I need coffee. Yea swap that. The label is correct



Norbaforce 88UB with BKE Heavies, Hypersphere rings and ePBT 9009.


I’m really liking all the ePBT sets out there.


I should get some BKE Redux for my Realforce one of these days…


It sure makes a big difference.


They’re definitely not for everyone, especially the heavier variants. But they offer something I haven’t tried in any other switch type. Quite unique indeed. :relaxed:


I know, but when I tested a board with them at Mechanicon I really liked them, way better than the 55g domes I have.


Last full build of 2018

Happy New Year!


This was my first build of 2019!


First Build of 2019

Chiwi60 with Zilents V1
XDA Canvas R2 (forgot to get the Arrow set)


This is my first complete built, so be gentle. :slight_smile:
Winkeyless.kr b.mini
Outemu Sky, lubed with 205G0
Spring swapped with 65G Sprit springs
Wearing /dev/tty and my recently completed collection of Prismatic Fugus - Still looking for Psycho Moon…


Your first build is far better than my best board haha congrats :blush:
Also that b.mini is a collector now


Thanks! As for the b.mini, I had just heard that he closed up shop when I saw this kit pop up on mechmarket, so I couldn’t resist. I kind of regret the choice of switches, but they aren’t the worst. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it though.


I guess switch swapping later on is still doable :wink:


That’s true. That’ll be a good test of my desoldering skills. :slight_smile:


Been using the Planck for a while and decided to switch back to the Helix. Love this keeb!


That layout is awesome. I would love a Bluetooth pcb with that split spacebar option