What is on your desk today?


(upload://rdsZjFTPfo2LKwF1l9GDKvWFcdj.jpeg) What’s on my desk? A newly cleaned and converted Cherry board. Easily the biggest board that I own, bigger than even my pingmaster. Sounds and feels so good too. Good vintage blacks are good! Probably going to spring swap later.

Only disappointment so far is that the extra function keys, f11-f30, only output f1-10 but with different modifiers applied to them.


Too tired to take a good photo. Spent a lot of time on this build. Mod Ms in the TKC-1800 with DSA Lightcycle keycaps. Typing feels and sounds like a dream. It’s my fave.


New travel board.
GH60 in KBDfans wood case
Brass plate
65g Vints lubed with 103
Mito Canvas
Sorbothane liner under the PCB



Whatcha do with that little macro pad?


I want to believe it’s ins/del/home/end/page-up/page-down :joy:


GMK WoB looks awesome, especially on that board! I really like the contrast between the caps & case!


A couple of layers for launching apps, media controls and well macros :smile:

I regularly switch boards/layouts, so it’s easier to have certain stuff on there than trying to remember where it was on a particular board


Smol Milkshake


Outemu Sky v2.2 clear top no slot

DSA Milkshake



Holy Gsus, lubed with TriboSys 3204, topped with PPS keycaps from South Korea, running on DZ60, aluminum plate, and Poker 3 case.

Whole board is really bassy which I like. Gsus sounds noticeably lower-pitched than OG Panda and PPS is much lower-pitched than even thick PBT. SA profile goes even lower however. Net effect is an interactive boombox of sort.

Only bummer is that same setup in Tofu case, both acrylic and aluminum, makes higher pitch sound. I’m going to try other plate types like polycarbonate, and carbon fiber to see if they make any difference.


XDA Godspeed with Ares mods and Supernova alphas.


Recent build also posted in “Post your keyboards”, but I’m happy with this so you should be happy with it.

Tina-C with Gateron blacks (transparent top black bottom from NovelKeys), carbon fiber fixed HHKB plate and GMK plum on a GH60 Satan.

This is winner of my favorite board I own right now. Posting two different pics to show how much lighting changes Plums colors.


It snowed, and left a perfect platform on my outside table of white. I couldn’t resist taking a picture.


@Visionaire What deskpad is that?

Edited to add mention


It’s a cheap large deskmat you can get on Amazon, pretty sure it’s called the “World Desk Map”. I can’t access Amazon right now, but I have an old one. It was around $13-15 I believe.


Just saw it on sale earlier.


First hotswap.


Kat on a rubber console :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: