What is on your desk today?


Man, I regret missing out on KAT, it looks great


He wasn’t asking about mine, but about the one under the 60% in the wood case with canvas on it.


Oh, sorry about that. He just edited in the mention, I didn’t see it beforehand. Nice deskpad btw!


Thanks! :smile:


Wow that looks amazing! Can’t wait to get my H6.




Duck Jetfire, vints, OG Doubleshots with a couple of R2 9009 caps. Only staying on home desk for the weekend, gonna take it to work Monday :slight_smile: (and yes, there are a few wonky keys that need fixing, will be done later)


Beautiful! I really regret not just putting a Zephyr kit on a CC or some other way I could’ve come up with the cash for one. Trying to stay on a budget lately, but I should’ve sprung for one of these. What did you build it with, Helios right? I remember you saying something about it in you switch opener video, but might be mistaken. Anyways enjoy that beast of a board, I’m sure it feels as good as it looks! :metal:


Got super lucky on SUK’s last raffle & scored an Orbital Strike Keybuto III & a Dead Space Legion! Since they both sit pretty low compared R1/R2 SA I figured they’d go best on 65% board, so SA Godspeed went back on my acrylic Clueboard. Really digging the look with them & it gives me a good excuse to put this board back in my rotation!


Pulled out the ol’ AnnePro today, threw on a SA keyset, and cleaned her up. This was one of my first mechanical keyboards and she’s always been a good one. I have Gat Blue’s on it now but am going to desolder these and throw on retooled lubed Cherry Black’s.



Wow All customs should have little displays! Did you release the code for this somewhere? It’s integrated with QMK?


I only have enough brains to change keymap and compile.


Then how did you get this running?


Just connect the cable to the ISP header and it’s up and running.



If anyone ever asks what color board Yuri should go on, they correct answer is that.


It’s an option on the TKC1800 out of the box.


Filco SA keyset on Holy Gsus, GH60 and Lambo 60%. I dislike SA profile but dang they sound nice and thocky with Holy Panda. 1.75U Shift Key is from Maxkey Ninja keyset and it sounds not only higher pitched but makes very unpleasant metallic ping like sound. SP’s plastic is denser than cheap SA makers’ so sounds better. PBT will sound even better than SP but quality PBT SA profile options are still limited (SP Ice R3 SA set is out of stock). Oh well. I’ll limp along until something I want comes along.


I’d love to hear a typing sound test for this board. I’ve become interested in the 1800 layout and like the idea of a plastic case like this.