What is on your desk today?


It sounds hollow. I didn’t use a plate since it didn’t fit with ISO layout and I have stock MX Blacks. Stabs are also not lubed nor band aid modded. The only thing weighing up is the thickness of the ePbt caps.


Planck Rev4 with Holy Cardinals (Halo Clear+YOK+Gsus). Case is OLKB Low Profile. Plate is EOTW FR4 plate which can be made to be compatible with Low Profile case just by drilling 5 holes.

As is, it sounded rattly. Aadding a sheet of Sorbathane from @Manofinterests’ GB in the case didn’t fix it either. A bit of examination revealed that most of the rattle was caused by gaps between the plate and the case. Solved it by sandwiching thin strips of Sorbathane between the edges of plate and case like a DIY gasket mount. As you can see below, I did a sloppy job of it but, damn, it sounds incredibly good now. Just solid.


My desk broke shortly after placing this on it…


JER Mini - Tangerines with GMK Royal Alpha


When is the beauty coming to the common folk?


Jamón Solo frozen in Carbonite


My S7 has become somewhat of a ‘hazing’ device in the office. My manager brings the new team members around to introduce them and when they hit my desk he always asks them to pick up the keyboard…


God damn that is a clean look! :eyes: Love it!


Been dailying this - liking it so much I’ve hauled it between work and home the last couple days


TFW not for sale yet :frowning:



DSA Milkshake on freshly built DZ60 with Box royal



Busted this little old thing out again


I think I’ve seen this posted on reddit before, care to share some details? It’s just so…much…it’s silly.


Just a little project I’m working on.

Edit: Ugh why did it upload sideways


Daisy HHKB w/ Gateron Yellow + SA Abyss


Does the arrow keys get in the way when you type? At first im loving the layout, but then again, they look like they would be in the way.


Tried to get some more light this time. Swapped out some of the caps with the ones I received today.