What is on your desk today?


Got the heavy, highly modded AnnePro in the office today clackin’ away!


My unfinished XD75


What case did you end up with? I know your board is unfinished, but it is looking good!


Western on norbatouch


Rebuilt my RedScarf68 with 72g Santanic Pandas & gave it a much cleaner look going winkeyless with a 7u space! :metal:


Pink Ocelot with Holy Pandas


LCARS-ified TX1800


I did a lube. Only took like 3 hours =P
Was fun and a good learning experience. Made a big difference on my hotswap Tofu. The bottom out use to send reverberations through my body. Feels much better, and so much smoother.


Its a work in progress but finally a successful print after 30+ hours (printing this hand specifically) and 12 tries.


Just finished my Tokyo60. Dyanmat top and bottom of the pcb and lubed Tealios v2’s. This is my dedicated work office keyboard now.


Injection molded black MiniVan with retooled 3204 lubed cherry black switches. SA round6 with grab bag yellow blank. Brass plate.


My alpha 28 has been my most used board for the past day or so.


My brain hurts just thinking about using that thing–where is the space bar???
Looks pretty cool though.


The space bar is the 2U “0” key in the center.
The function key is the 1U “00” key on the right side.
Im including a top down photo of the keyboard and a picture of my custom layout.


That keyboard is so intriguing but so impractical! I’m depending on a lot of modifiers (Emacs user checking in) which makes even a 40% be cumbersome, but I’d still like to try a novelty board like yours!


YAS. GMK Burgundy Icon Mods, Space Cadet alpha’s. Macropad with Cadet numpad.


Nice, Space cadet Alphas look great with Burgundy mods! Makes me want to grab a GMK WoB set to match with my Space Cadet set. :metal:


I hate that it looks this good though :stuck_out_tongue: The yas was always the board for violet tendencies with some kind of mods set (lately the same mod as seen above). But with the Space Cadet alpha’s is just looks so darn clean and good that I can’t justify NOT having that on it :S


Kira 96, GMK Skidolcha, Rascal Caps Hoarder Dragon.

I put Box Royals into this, and I have mixed feelings :confused:


You’re playing risky games using GMK with Box switches.