What is on your desk today?


it is the new box switches. AFAIK, with the approx 300 new ones I have measured, they are fine. nothing above 1.29mm

you can tell pretty quick when you put caps on if you will run into any oversize stem issues.


Brought out the Contra for a little bit :slight_smile: (Matias Clicks)


Novatouched, hypersphered, bke lights FC660c. Dev Tty keycaps.


put this in the heavy-6 and you’re perfect!


I thought of that but 380 $ + shipping from US to EU, + 19% VAT + customs taxes just takes me to an outrageous sum just for the case. I will try my luck later on mechmarket, with an used one, maybe priced lower and already in EU.

Also, I’m kind of fond of the beige cases that Leopold has, and I kind of like the plastic Leopold cases more than Aluminium ones.

That should not be the case for the Heavy 6 I think, as I’ve tried an Norbatouch and feels purely on another level vs other aluminium cases keyboards I’ve used.


Finally wrapped up my build. Always wanted to add backlight to the M65-a and make the underglow a bit stronger. Couldn’t go all in because of limited space under the PCB though.


Looks nice with GMK Olivia


I’ll bet this thing is a dream to type on. Really nice job.