What is on your desk today?


it is the new box switches. AFAIK, with the approx 300 new ones I have measured, they are fine. nothing above 1.29mm

you can tell pretty quick when you put caps on if you will run into any oversize stem issues.


Brought out the Contra for a little bit :slight_smile: (Matias Clicks)


Novatouched, hypersphered, bke lights FC660c. Dev Tty keycaps.


put this in the heavy-6 and you’re perfect!


Finally wrapped up my build. Always wanted to add backlight to the M65-a and make the underglow a bit stronger. Couldn’t go all in because of limited space under the PCB though.


Looks nice with GMK Olivia


I’ll bet this thing is a dream to type on. Really nice job.


Looks amazing! Clean and well thought out. Enjoy and thank you for sharing.


This is beautiful. Dev Tty keycaps are perfect here.


Hey, thanks! Still getting used to the bke lights :slight_smile:


Same macropad as always, nothing special there :stuck_out_tongue: Alf X11, Honeywell, Holy Chickies.

For those wondering, macropad still has space cadet caps on it so you can compare the grey to Honeywell on this picture :wink:


Not much, but finally found a way to customize that pesky 1.5u esc key on my Rac3!


Model M at work with an Apple Magic Mouse. Was using a Logitech M570 trackball, but it hurt my wrist to use and I prefer moving a mouse. Looking to invest in an MX Master for work, it just sucks that it’d have to be out of pocket.


Anne pro 2, dev/tty, gateron brown and custom cable from mechcables. B.O.B handcraft koffin


8x with lubed gat inks.Brass plate bottom layer of sorbothane


Freshly built, been waiting for this to arrive.
Jane V2 built with 72g Holy GSUS lubed with 3203 and GMK Olivia of course.


Absolutely A+ lookin; how are you likin’ the board?


Amazing so far, I absolutely love the weight design and the solidness of the board. Feels good to be using a TKL again.


Messed around with a few more of my boards’ keycaps.

  • Put Plum on my NightFox
  • Finally put the orange on black JTK set on my Tina-C to get McLaren theme I was initially going after with the carbon fiber plate as well.


working on this Iris Case. Almost done!