What is on your desk today?


working on this Iris Case. Almost done!


J-01. Gat Inks. Red Samurai.


My converted IBM Pingmaster


My TINA 60% Silver


  • Lubed Gateron Blacks with lubed Tribosys 3204
  • DCS “Midnight” by PMK
  • Standard DZ60 PCB that came with the kit, along with the plate


Edit: It is called Midnight not “Nightshade”


Swapped the PCB over the weekend so I’m now running QMK instead of JigOn.

LZ GH v2
Brass plate
Cherry MX Clears with 72g spring and switch films. Lubed with Krytox.
GMK classic retro caps


Been rocking this guy a lot since it’s rebuild.

RedScarfII+ ver.C, silver
Stainless steel plate
Satanic Pandas (Yok Red Pandas + Halo clear stems) 72g springs lubed with Krytox VPF1514, housings & sliders lubed with Tribosys3203
JTK Toxic with an Ecto Kake Fugu


A man after my heart.

How are you liking the satanic pandas on the steel plate? Seems like it would sound pretty…metal.


LOL, you pretty much nailed it. They definitely are a bit louder in this build than most & it does have a harsh landing if you bottom out hard. Although I’ve been really trying to teach myself better typing technique lately & this setup actually helps a lot to keep me from harshly bottoming out. When I’m typing on it properly it’s a dream, very solid feeling but it also has a smoothness & flow to it. The sound also gets much better when not harshly bottoming out. I’m getting to the point where I’ll stop my keypress right as the extra bit on the slider hits the bottom housing & it almost sounds like light rain drops on a metal roof! I know stiff setups like this are becoming less popular, but overall I am very happy with it. Especially it’s effects on my usually ham fisted typing style!




Lol I cant even take the picture horizontall. :thinking: But I went from a Razer Deathstalker to the G810. I’m not a huge fan of it but it gets the job done. Plus, I don’t want to buy a new keyboard until I save up enough for endgame but school life always takes priority :man_shrugging:


something tells me you…maybe play some video games? :smiley:

I like the G series, I had a G410 and playing with the RGB was really fun, and the omron switches are not that bad. Only criticism I had was the stabalizers having some rattle on the space bar.


Thea new LGS update adds a bunch of cool RGB modes but my biggest gripe w the keyboard is I hate how the key caps mount onto the switches.




Brass plate, NOS Vints, 65g sprit, kin films, 3204, clipped cherry srew-ins w/ 205g0, tool box liner


r o m e r g masterrace


So clean and crisp. Every element here in this image. Great photography and a beautiful board / keycaps.


Thanks so much! :pray:


This is what I currently having at my desk. Corne(HeliDox) with Halo Clears and EPBT 9009 keycaps, Elecom Huge trackball.


Looks really nice. The helidox is my next project, I’m super excited. Gonna do the soldering this weekend. I hope my case shows up soon.


-Singa R1 Lavender
-Lubed Zealios 67g
-GMK Triumph Adler
-Prismatic Fugu Balloon Blue
-Brass Plate
-Teal/Purple Aviator Cable

-Logitech GPW w/ Hotline Masters

-Roccat KPOE w/ Neon Paracord / Hotline Performance

-Logitech G640 / DM Pad XXL

-Sennheiser HD58X / Schiit Magni 2