What is on your desk today?


White TX-CP with ePBT Grayscale and Green accents


Nice, where do you find that keyset ?



I’m using MDA Big Bang alphas on 60% keyboard to see if I should get MDA Big bone keyset.

Test result: It was uncomfortable at 6-degree incline but felt great at zero-incline. This means no MDA Big Bone for me. MDA Big Bang will stay on my Planck.


Just out of curiosity, what wallpaper is that on your desktop?


Gotta love this layout. Mine is a DZ60 though


Steam controllers are so underrated.


E7-V1 with XDA Canvas. Endgame is thrown around a lot but this board may be it for me. 67g V2 Zealios and Zeal stabs.

Need to take some proper glamour shots but this board is glorious.


Finally built my TX65 with holy Yoks. It’s nice.


Really love the look of Coniferous.


Half of my helidox complete, finally. Part two is happening tomorrow :+1:t2:


New Alpha with Box Pinks and DSA White on Black


love the coolant key :slight_smile: