What is on your desk today?

Built my Ottantaquattro with the KBDFans roller linears today. Topped off with a base set of CRP alphas and mods.

The feel and sound is pretty amazing. Super stable and super smooth linears. I didn’t lube them because I didn’t know how that would work with the ball bearings. They are fairly deep on bottom out with a more medium top-out sound.

If they could make these with all Nylon housings and increase the travel to 4mm, they might be the perfect linear switch.


Nice, got to it before me! Glad to hear you’re liking the switches, probably gonna build a setup for my XOX70 with the Roller switches tonight.

Got a new deskmat, still kinda wavy.
Gat beers probably my favorite at the moment. They’re so crispy.


The purple and pink gradient keycaps you “have” is GPBT Nebula from Glorious, and the black and gold clear keycaps are from Akko’s ASA lineup. The purple and pink keycaps are cherry profile but the clear ones are not.

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Finally got my KKB Poltergeist on a board. Fun colors. Potato pic

The legends are a light purplish-pink, like the accent colors. Phone not so good about getting the subtle colors on this one right.


GMK Universe


I love this set. Even without the ghosts, the legend colors are very cool.

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