What is on your desk today?

Aha, another Vim editor user! :+1:


A 3d printed PLA gasket mount HHKB with a 3d printed PLA half plate. I color matched it with Gateron Cangyuan switches, those looked pretty good in there and i like how they feel and sound there. They also sat tight on the hotswap PCB without plate. Aflion Iceberg plate mount stabs and New-ish Aifei BoW. I was thinking of throwing WoB or some vintage set on there, but almost all of my other boards are using darker sets so i chose BoW instead.


Some sort of fuzzy skin effect (textured plate?) and and no visible seams on the case. What sort of wizardry is this? Very nice board.

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I think that is the texture of the print bed. PEI print beds are very good at giving a smooth finish even when surface is textured

It is even possible to have reflective patterns