What is on your desk today?


Oh man, that Cerakote came out great! Which Cerakote color code did you use, if I may ask? I’ve been thinking of adding Cerakote options on future projects.


Yes Sir, as many as the wife will let me :rofl:



It’s Graphite Black in a 24:1 ratio of cerakote to catalyst, which ends up with a sort of matte but still smooth finish.


Think I got this board to its final specs now that I wrapped up some work on it today. This had stock Gateron blacks in it.

Today, I swapped the springs to be the heavy springs from my Halo Trues and lubed the switches with 3204.

The springs feel really interesting with linears, but not bad at all. The switches are now really quiet after lubing as well. Much deeper sounding without the high pitched clack they had on bottom out before.

Also, removed the JTK charred orange caps except for the esc key and function key to use as accents. I just never liked the feel of the JTK caps I had. Instead I now have the black PBT caps that have seemed to make their rounds on all of my boards, but this is going to be their final home.

This should be “end game” for this particular board. I have no other plans to modify it or otherwise mess with it.

Now I can focus my attention back on how to make my whole “Zenfox” idea happen (white cerakoted white fox with dark keycaps, possibly GMK nines).


Haven’t had a chance to get to the ALPS build that will be going in the ADK64 yet, but I wanted to give it a spin so I threw my “Holy Zeal” build (V1 Zeal housings, Outemu Sky leaves, Halo stems, lubed with 3204) in it. So far I’m really liking the case, it definitely quiets everything down a good bit (the Halo stems hitting off the Zeal housings is even louder & slightly higher pitched than Panda housings), yet still lets the sounds come through nicely if that makes any sense. Basically a big noise reduction, but it doesn’t muffle the sound. I’m pretty excited about getting some brown ALPS in here, I think it’s gonna sound amazing! :ok_hand:


G80-1800 HEU
PCB mounted MX clears


Clean & classic! :eyes:


Cannon Keys Satisfaction75 Prototype, GMK Chocolatier, Mother of Pearl knob and a Golden Keypora


KBD75 v1 with DSA Milkshake


Stop making me regret not getting milkshake :wink:


and what if…


Preonic rev2 with ePBT Grayscale





Now we just need glow in the dark keycaps :wink:


The had them in the latest Godspeed run. I didn’t get them, but wondering how they look and if someone is going to do a build like that…


Mind sharing the STL file? I absolutely love this case!


I got it in the GB ran by ReDsNoTdEaD over on GH. Keyboardbelle printed them so I would ask them if you could get the file. They are very nice!


Durgod Taurus K320 white, o-ringed XDA Scrabble, Hammer fidget spinner and some cheap Spacecat artisans.


Some geek and otaku stuffs