What is on your desk today?



Already have weirdo alphas, mods, coloured mods, and fruit, perhaps time to get the regulars if it comes around again…


Flavor of the day


I dislike most sub-legended keysets but this one hits the sweet spot.


Alpha28 with Kailh Speed Bronze switches. Learning to tap dance!


someday. But next drop won’t be DSA tho :eyes:


My interest is hella piqued


Very nice.
Do you mind sharing the config?


Colour me interested as always! Here is my Qustom with DSA Milkshake


Looks awesome!
Milksahke on pastel always works :ok_hand:


Current work setup.


Elecom Huge + HHKB; solid setup. Also another +1 for vertical monitor :metal:


Oh yeah, I always have at least one monitor vertical. I need to source a third monitor from around the office so I can have a second vertical monitor which is how I prefer my monitor setup. I’ve been really enjoying the Huge as my daily at work, but am thinking about picking up a Deft Pro. I think I recall you mentioned that you were going to do a review of one. Did you ever get around to reviewing the Deft Pro?



Been doing a little photoshoot for a side project. Getting the same shot every time is pretty hard (and I failed at it :sweat_smile: )


New macropad I built this evening to use with my Planck.



That TX-CP is hot; I really hope they do another run because I want one very badly.


Kin said he won’t run white again because it’s too much trouble and he also put out his new Rev2 designs, so a rerun of this is highly unlikely :sweat:


It turned out pretty well though


Thank you! It’s mostly details I messed up but I learned from the experience and will hopefully do better next time :slight_smile: