What is on your desk today?


What’s on my desk today? Well. It’s a lot.

UEK prototype with SKCL Greens, MM2 with Yok Pandas with Kaihl Black stems, Wang 724 with Blue Alps, Cherry g81-3031 (waiting on a replacement pcb so I can chuck the MY trash, Brutal60 with Oblique 55g vint blacks, and a Jacked Frost Shishi, SGI AT-101 Granite with clicky white alps, HHKB, AEK I with oranges, Zenith Turbosport 386 keyboard with alps low profile common mount, Cherry g80-0689 (smoothest vintage blacks ever, and it sounds PERFECT. Filmed, with 55g CWW springs. unlubed, besides the springs.) One of my dailies. Next is an unknown Model F clone with Cherry MX blacks and OG doubleshots. It’s a mystery, a unicorn. No model numbers or molding dates/marks ANYWHERE. it definitely wasn’t made by Cherry though, that’s for sure.

And I still have my other three M0116’s upstairs. And my other AEK I, and AEK II. And my Kaypro 2. and my 5140. and my IZEOK-1000. And my z150.

Oh, and I almost forgot my old logo dell at101 with pine black alps and Alps Doubleshots. VERY different from the normal bamboo black alps and crappy Silitek caps.

I like vintage boards.


Please tell me that you actually don’t type on a keyboard sitting on a keyboard on a keyboard…
And that you actually tidy your desk of all those keebs :^)


Of course I don’t type like that, that’s just the only way I can get a photo of all of them.

And my desk is usually a mess, but I generally have the keyboards off to the side or on the ground next to my desk. I alternate between them day to day.


Why? There’s something wrong with typing like that?


Work is dongle hell but at least the coffee is decent.


Which board is that again? Is it the Wonderland? I didn’t know that it was shipping already.


No, it’s a a board I designed and threw together last week with hotswap, USB-C, and (admittedly rough) gaskets. I love it.


Interesting! Looks fantastic. I would be interested in picking one up for sure.


Hey, thanks! I may run an IC soon-ish if I can work out some kinks in the design. PCB assembly will take a while with my current tools, but I may consider investing in better gear or, if not, dropping hotswap.


Colour me interested; would love to see what might come of this!


I will most likely run a couple if I get an okay from Yuktsi, and am working on getting quotes for a larger batch of cases and wrist rests.


Tofu with DZ60, Kailh BOX Jade switches, and WinMix retro beige DSA keycaps.


Excellent, my wallet weeps when it comes to looking at TGR aftermarket prices, and I’m busy enough that I missed the 2-second groupbuy on the Jane V2 CE.


glad to see a soul brother in workspace conditions… one of the best thing about vintage boards is that you can stack em

The only thing I see missing is my usual cup of coffee, cup of water, and bottle of coke zero. Always all just sitting next to my most priceless boards. LOL


A lot of sweet boards there. What case are you using for your Kayak?


Finally decided on what layout to go with for my ADK64 build. I wanted to use the caps & layout from a SGI AT101, but settled on the AEK layout caps & layout since that is really what this case was made for. I used a Hasu ALPS64 PCB + FR4 AEK plate with SKCM browns for this one & I’m loving the finished product!


Downsized to a 60% since I’m mostly just hammering out e-mails these days. Brought a little color to my desk because it makes me happy :slightly_smiling_face:

r3 Green Fjell with brass plate and lubed Holy Pandas. Keycaps are a combination of ePBT green with reverse dyesub mods from KBRepublic’s Irish set. It’s a wonderful soundtrack to have at work all day!


It’s cut from frosted orange acrylic with a mate black acrylic plate


Swapped my GMK Camping set for GMK TA (R1) last week.The board I normally keep these caps on is currently half-desoldered; the one pictured is a NiZ 108 with 65g domes. Artisans are a Jelly Key esc, Hammer spacebar, object-garage numlock, a few Latrialum caps, and a Spread the Jerms cap in the top right.

I also brought in my catch22 earlier this week to test some different springs for an upcoming build. The switches along the outside are 67g Zilent v2s, and for the numbers I have gateron jailhouse greens with SPRiT 63.5g-S, TX 60g, and TX 55g springs.


Leopold Fc980c & Novatouch with dev tty