What is on your desk today?


Decided to try terminal on the X3 and brought it in to work for the day.


WTF that’s dope! I love the Space LED dude. Amazing


Not actually soldered yet but I couldn’t resist putting some caps on and taking it for a quick type run!


How are the 65g domes? Have you tried any of the other clear Korean domes?


My favorite shades of gray.


Big dick flex on that X3. How has it been for you? I was eyeing it real hard but the price was too much for me at the time.



Daaaaang, that bottom :heart_eyes:


nice deskmat @TaehaTypes :smirk:


I love it. It was the first board I put together with Zeal V2s and I’m very happy with that combo (although it’s a lil loud for the office). I did have one lil snafu where the USB connector wasn’t soldered very well and moved around, but it was an easy fix. From what I’ve seen online it looks like almost everyone who got white got the purple insert, but I really like the green one, it’s surprisingly versatile.


Using the new Minidox today at the office



Damn, dem Hi Pros… :eyes: :ok_hand:


I finally put SA Green Screen on my black Grid 600 yesterday, so I’ve been enjoying that. The FLASH module can produce a nice yellowish green color that is almost a perfect match for Green Screen.


Raw dog 268. Who needs a finish, amirite?


Currently at work: Ducky One 2 TKL, mostly SA Industrial with some fun random grab bag caps for a splash of color. And Hammer fidget spinner.


Totes makes it. The only “artisan” I’ve ever spent actual money on. I still remember the second Columbus OH meetup where I had a little boy approach me and very nicely asked for permission to spin the one I had on my OG Ducky TKL board (had Cherry MX Whites, which is still, to this day, the most unappreciated switch.). I was, like, “You got it, little man!” LOL.

I appreciate whimsy.



Heh. Speaking of youngsters and keyboards, here’s my 12-year-old son’s kb - brought many a smile to the faces of the group a few months ago at the AZ meetup. KBparadise V80 TKL.