What is on your desk today?


makes the PC look smokey! awesome combo


Honja Gaaaang!


DZ60 in a Grid 600.


Nice. Is that a oneplus cable?


Yeah, its the only USB-C cable I had lying around.


The ultimate IKEA build
Case: Blue TR60 with acrylic backplate
PCB: Plain60-C (blue) by /u/Maartenwut , RGB modded by me
Switches: Linjärs (lubed with Krytox 104 and 106 on the springs)
Keycaps: GMK Nautilus
Artisan: DC Mini Reaper


R2 67g Zealios
GMK Carbon R2


Just got some Linjars in today. These things are stupid smooth as a stock switch.


They do suffer from the Gateron spring pling though. So lubing at least the springs is mandatory IMHO and why not do the rest when you’re at it anyways :wink:


Tonberry x Kumo


DZ60RGB w/ Steel Plate (replacing with brass soon)
Lambo case by Iqunox from Originative. Dampened with 50 Duro sorbothane
Linjar switches lubed w/ Christo 129
YMDK keycap set (XX), w/ B.O.B Yasha artisan cap
550 Comonche coiled cable made by MechCables
Along with an Elecom EX-G Pro mouse.

I’ve descended the slope since replacing my K70 with a Ducky One 2 Mini a mere 3 months ago. Close to $300 spent on this build now and it’s far from perfect. Eventually going to move these switches over to a Polaris when that ships, and I have GMK Mizu in my future as well ;D

Can’t wait to show you guys what else I plan to build… I’m way too obsessed with keyboards right now lol


I got my Leaf60 put together last night with some silent inks, these are my first silent switches and I have to say I’m blown away with how quiet the thing is.


EnjoyPBT Slate


Welcome to linear land. It’s a weird place full of nice people

Edit: read first silent as first linear. I allow my initial post to remain to always remember the shame I brought upon myself.


What keycaps are those?


I’m relatively new to linears, but I’ve been using some retooled blacks that I very much enjoy.


Massdrop GMK WoB mainly, the colored mods were from mint dolch (only part of that I got), and I had the escape lying around, tbh I’m not sure where it came from.



Casual Friday


looks great with that desk mat too