What is on your desk today?


I made a mistake mostly-ISO 60% with jailhouse Gateron blues.

Since this is the ‘on your desk today’ thread, here it is on my desk at work today.


Leopold FC660C + KBDFans 9009 + Norbauer Heavy-6 in Royal Wrinkle + MX Master + B&W P7


Black caps on a white HHKB just always looks good.



The beigeish /whiteish case with creams & that red/maroon SA set are key together. Looks absolutely fresh bud! What set is that BTW, SA Royalty, a 7bit run, or a set I don’t know about? I really like it!


Your first guess was correct, SA Royalty!


Nice! :space_invader: That’s a set the more I see the more I kick myself for not getting in on it, LOL! Looks great on that board, enjoy typing with that beauty! :sunglasses:


Second that - Creams + cream case finish + Royalty is inspired.


Singa R2. :slight_smile:


Pulled my ALPS64 with SKCM browns out of my ADK64, added some landing pads for all the stabilizers, then put it into my 5 degree case. Really happy with the results, the landing pads really quite down the stabilized keys & the 5 degree case give a much more ridgid typing feel which goes better with ALPS switches IMO. I got a MX setup in the ADK64 now.

I also threw a different caps set on my RedscarfII+ ver. C so I could use some artisans I haven’t had on a board in a while. JTK Toxic with a Shattered & Scattered IdleKey V2, Ectokake Fugu, Cashed Kush Brobot V2, & Rotavirus Menloe.


Norbatouch case round Pi with aperture finish and CM Masterkeys Pro S RGB innards with ePBT Slate caps and YOK holy pandas.


ePBT Slate came out so nice, really wish I had gotten in on it. It’s goes particularly well with the aperture finish on your case! :+1:


This board is simply gorgeous!


POM Leaf60 with Preams (Kailh Pro Purple or Plum stems in NK Cream housings) lubed with Christo 129.


Classic Retro PNK

  • LZ GH v2
  • Cherry MX Clears, 72g spring
  • Classic Retro with Mr. Sleeves add-on


That’s an ISO layout that’s actually usable! Nice. :sunglasses:


I’ve been jokingly calling it an “ansISO” layout, because it both matches the keyboard and makes me laugh.


Please tell me that your enter is remapped to backspace, backspace to backslash and backslack to enter.


That sounds awful, I love it.


this is gorgeous