What is on your desk today?


A very silent topre board.


Rocking some color at the moment :slight_smile:


beautiful and imposing, really great


I decided to put some “black on black” PBT caps from KBDFans on my white Grid 600. I picked up a FLASH and PRESS module when they went on sale again briefly so I probably won’t be using the plain black one much longer, but I think it works pretty well here.


The black on black works great on this


Good looking board!


HHKB Tofu w/ Gat Clears & GMK Triumph Adler


Alf X2 with zealiostotles and DSS dolch


Really enjoying the Zealios V2 switches in this board, although I do slightly prefer linear switches like Tealios.


A little sneak peek before proper documentation


Looking good!


pulled out the E8-V1 for the first time in a long time. One of my few boards that has unlubed switches. Zealios 67g.


Finally broke out the new desk pad. I was trying to wait till I actually got Jamon in to use it, but I caved today.


New work board. No, I don’t work at a nuclear power plant…



What the what?


3D printed HuB prototypes with engraved legends. I then painted in the legends.


Man, fantastic job on painting. Also, still curious about these 4u stabilizers and cap. Such a unique build.


we have them available on our shapeways store. You will need to bend a custom stab wire, though. There is some info here https://thevankeyboards.com/pages/resources

the painting was easy, I just sort of glob it into the engraving and then wipe the top of the cap before the paint dries.


I never can find a good size wire to bend. I made my own alps stabilizers. I even have a wire bender for the job, but it’s still a pain in the ass