What is on your desk today?

I see that you are a big e-white fan :slight_smile:
Seeing this I might consider buying the Polaris 60% in this color.

The TX-CP in the background is some kind of powder coating instead of E-white, thus it’s a bit warmer than the other boards. Almost considered getting the Polaris in white too but went with the yellow instead. Don’t have that color yet :grin:

My friend sold me his old Das II a couple of months ago and I brought it into work today since I realized I hadn’t really used it yet. Thankfully nobody has complained about the noisy MX blues so far :sweat_smile:

I’m a bit surprised that the caps that don’t get much use actually have a pretty good texture to them, despite POM’s reputation for being super smooth. The caps that are a bit more broken in like the home row are considerably smoother than the F-row.

Speaking of the caps, does anyone have tips for cleaning POM? This board is filthy :nauseated_face:



Maybe just the classic mild soap + warm water? I think that does the trick 90% of the time


Warm water and windwow cleaner in a tupperware and shake away. Then put them in a salad spinner with a kitchen towel for an effective quick dry


I am a truer Topre lover now.

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That’s exactly what i do with all the old keysets i’ve found :slight_smile:

What are those btw?

Carbon feet removed from OG BKE domes. You need to remove these carbon feet in order to use the domes on a regular Topre keyboard.

Oh, OG bke, nice, Didn’t know they had these things.

Freshly Cerakoted


What’s the texture feel like? Looks smooth and matte

Smooth for the majority with a couple of rough spots. Definitely not as smooth as the previous anode.

Really outstanding color combination

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My old ACR60 getting some BOX Navies taken off then getting some MD HPs put on.

Finished product rocking JTK Toxic. I did the sorbothane strut mod this time around & used a MK Ultra foam insert under the PCB. Overall I am very happy with the results so far. It’s not quite as loud as your average Holy Panda boards thanks to the strut mod & MK Ultra foam, it has a very nice light & flexible typing experience thanks to the plate being swiss cheese & me removing the middle standoff in the case, Definitely a different style for me, but I am liking it so far!


Trying to decide if this is a repair project, or harvest project


Depends on how confident you are in your repair skills. I’m a harvest kind of guy myself.

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There is a US quarter sized crack/hole on the bottom… it’ll be a tough one. I plan on opening the whole board up and investigating further tonight. It does have a speaker like the pingmasters though which would be nifty if I could salvage that.


Either way it looks like a nice score even if you end up just getting some caps, switches, & stabs from it. Those caps are fire! :eyes:

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Taking it apart to inspect is probably best course of action. Good call.