2021 Keyboard Resolutions


I thought this would a nice way of sharing our keyboard-related resolutions and, possibly, checking-in with updates throughout the year. Daunting, I know!

I pick a theme for myself every year (this year it’s a quote, which I’ll post below). In keeping with that theme, my keyboard resolutions for 2021 are:

  1. One of my favorite posts about keyboards is jshufelt’s build logs. Starting with my Gingham project board, I’d like to keep a build log for all my projects this year.
  2. I’d like to be more skeptical about my preferences and more curious about others’ preferences, so I can better appreciate the range of builds, aesthetics, and ideas in this community.
  3. Be patient (which is a perennial keyboard resolution, I guess :))


The quote is from a literary blog called Brainpickings:

Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind. Ours is a culture where one of the most embarrassing things is not to have an opinion, so we form our opinions hastily, based on quick impressions and borrowed convictions. It’s so disorienting to simply say, “I don’t know,” but it’s infinitely more rewarding to understand than to be right — even if that means changing your mind.


Love brainpickings. I don’t visit that site enough.


Hmmm my 2021 Resolutions eh?

  1. Build more keyboards
  2. More videos! More TWIK, more Reviews, more comparisons, more everything
  3. Build Logs
  4. Update inventory management of keyboard and keyboard related things
  5. more streams!
  6. more collabs with the community and other amazing content creators
  7. More Keyboards Tonight content with my wonderful cohosts

Make my own case out of wood.
Get a 5x12 ortho.
Sell stuff.
Buy a Nintendo switch.(to steal some focus from keebs)

  1. Build more keyboards
  2. Write more build logs
  3. Improve storage and inventory of keyboard things

Basically, what @Manofinterests resolutions would look like if all of his AV gear disappeared forever.


2021 Keyboard resolutions:

  • Better keyboard and switch videos
  • More silly keyboard projects!
  • Explore and invest in more vintage keyboards

Hmm, my 2021 KB resolutions would be

  1. Finally build a decent TKL (this is actually already in motion, just pulled the trigger on a black KBD8X MKII with a PC plate!)
  2. Build more keyboards, possibly offer a free building service
  3. Improve my storage & inventory for sure, that is something I have definitely neglected. Bubble wrap & leftover boxes from shipping only get you so far LOL!
  4. Put more emphasis on my vintage MKB collection
  5. Branch out beyond MX, SKCM/L ALPS, & Topre in my collections

At least those are the easily attainable resolutions I will for sure focus on. I have a ton of other ideals I’d love to do, but time & money are my limiting factors there & I’d rather not say I’m gonna do something to have it fall by the wayside shortly after.


I really want to get better at soldering. My work is good enough in that it works, but I would never share photos! I generally opt for hotswap pcbs when the option is given, but I would like to dial in on my soldering skills in 2021.


Attend my first IRL keyboard meetup! I’ve been missing out for sure.


Get hipros


my 2021 keyboard resolutions would be:

  • build more keyboards (try more layouts, actually)
  • run a small GB
  • research Bluetooth/Wireless keyboards

I also want to try SKCM/L ALPS, Choc switches.


Hand wire a keyboard


Good one! Same.


Now that my surgery is done, my way is opened for all kinds of things I’ve been wanting to do:

  • Start producing keyboard content, video and otherwise; and start a website for it

  • Finish a fun keeb-adjacent collaborative project I’ve had kicking around for a while

  • Up my game and build some “true” custom keebs


Learn how to solder and finally make a resin cap.


It would be:

  1. Like @sarvopari, continue looking at the great @jshufelt build logs :slight_smile:

  2. Finish my current custom keyboard project.

  3. Start a new one :smiley:

  4. Look at metal case finishing alternatives outside what CNC manufacturers proposes: anodizing, ceracoating, powder coating.


2021 resolution, trying to be keebfree :grin:

  1. Actually practice lubing switches until I can do it consistently
  2. Work on some planned projects that are more involved than “buy these things and solder them together”
  3. Learn how to really make use of the laser cutter and CNC I’ve been paying for access to and haven’t used at all
  4. Write some QMK macros to control my lights and other smart home stuff from macro pads (finally put my BDN9 to use)

Overall, this year I finally got into the “custom” side of things and as much as I love the high end stuff I want to go back to tinkering. I’ll have a couple more customs arriving next year that I’ll build up, but I want to go through with some of the more unusual things I’ve been planning on.


make use of the laser cutter and CNC I’ve been paying for access to and haven’t used at all

That’s gold right there. I wish I had that kind of access.


Haha yeah, I joined my city’s makerspace late last year and had so many ideas. And then suddenly in 2020 going into an enclosed space with a bunch of people I don’t know to use shared tools stopped being appealing.