DORP sticker giveaway

I don’t think I’m going to sell these, but I had a wild hair to make some - so I think I’ll do a little Halloween-ish giveway. :japanese_ogre:


The first 13 people* to request a dorp sticker in this thread get one in their choice of color and size - within reasonable limits of course, say as long as I can fit it into either a letter or card envelope.

  • 5 slots remaining!

These are vinyl transfer stickers, cut to-shape from a single-color / single-finish sheet. You can also request a background layer of black or white, just be aware that will increase the total thickness a little.

Here is a short video from stickermule showing how to apply them. I make these at home and use a paper transfer sheet instead of plastic, but the application process is the same.

Just tell me the size and color you’d prefer and PM me with the address or PO box you’d like me to send it to - that’s it!

*If any Keebtalk founders want one, that won’t take from the total - it’s a meme born on Keebtalk, after all.


Hah, this is is so dorpy!


Can I haz swag sticker?

Yep - what color and about how big?

Might be a bit TOO specific, but black color, and 2cm tall by 13.25 cm wide?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
If you got a bumper size, I’ll sport this proudly.

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I’m making these to-order, so I can do ~bumper size in your color of choice.

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I can make it fit within that space proportionally, or I can stretch it to that size - though it will look distorted that way.

@ 2 cm tall, it would be just under 9 cm wide - does that work?

Yes that would be perfect!

Cool beans - just send me a pm with an address I can send it to.

Nice! WoB all the way.

This is great :joy: I wish I had someplace to put one

I’ll be happy to get one. Would put it on the plank I’m waiting from them. :grin:

If I’m not too late to the party I’d love to have one of these!

I’d love a dorp sticker lol

@skepp @Rob27shred @Bill

Let me know your preferred size, color, and an address or PO box I can send them to and I’ll mail them out this coming week.

As of now, 5 slots are taken leaving 8 more open.

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(this is a great thing to come back to after an absence!)


The curse of using light theme

Ah, should have thought about that. I’ve replaced the transparent png’s with one that has a background. That’s for pointing that out!