Funky Frankenswitches

Oh, and one more thing, is it the same springs as in regular gateron yellow?

I tried a few different springs including the stock Ink Yellow one, and they didn’t change anything aside from the weighting. The stock springs in the yellows are definitely not the same ones in the blues or blacks. For most of the combinations I tried, I used whatever spring would normally be paired with the housing.

In that frankenswitch above with the Ink Yellow housings, I used the 68g “Magically Progressive” springs from Thic Thock. Of all the springs I have, those were the only ones that gave me the “poppy” experience I was looking for, being light enough at first not to outshine the bump, and heavy enough at the bottom to have a nice, bouncy return. Donut-dipping is a must, though.

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Ok, I was thinking more about the famous Gateron Yellow /Milky yellow springs and if it’s the same in ink yellow.

I put in 63.5g Complex SPRiT springs tonight in mine. Feels nice and I’m probably going to keep them like that cuz I don’t think my Quefrency pcb can handle another desoldering. :upside_down_face::sweat_smile:

Ah I gotcha. I’m not certain but I don’t think so. It’s a black, loose-coil spring of standard height. I don’t have any classic yellows to compare that to.

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Well thanks for all the info. :+1:

Poli Panda

  • YOK Red Panda housing & spring
  • Kailh Polia stem
  • It’s just like a Holy Panda
  • But extra pretty

Oh, this one’s mostly a gag - but I genuinely do love the color combination between the Red Panda’s burgundy housing and the Polia’s periwinkle stem. A stem more than just a little similar to that of a Halo…

Panda re-colors, JWK re-colors, Halo re-colors… it might make things less simple with all those around, but it does provide more opportunities to coordinate with a theme.