[GB] URSA Keycaps for Topre

The Initial Spark

It all ignited right here on Keebtalk—not with my formal post on Project URSA, but simply bouncing around the idea of trying something fresh in “What’s on your workbench today?”. After that post, I got hooked on the idea of creating something new, while still drawing inspiration from the existing spherical keycaps out there.

The Pivotal Moment

URSA reached a turning point when I teamed up with Simon from @fkcaps in January 2023. With his experience in keycap production, Simon ensured that we had the first prototypes in our hands just three months later. Originally, we had planned to have them readily available, but due to economic events not being in our favor, our only option was to organize a group buy to get this project into the hands of the community.

The Moment of Truth

Throughout this journey, I’ve witnessed incredible support for this project right here on Keebtalk. And now, I’d like to ask for your support one final time: If you’re able to, please consider joining the group buy.

And hey, even if you don’t own a Topre board, why not consider gifting a set to your cup rubber friends? I think they’d be a fantastic addition to any Heavy Grail setup. :wink:

Again, thank you all for being such a great community and for your fantastic support. :pray: :heart:



Btw, I made the green background specifically for @pixelpusher , to lure him into buying an additional set :smiley:


So very excited to see this project come to fruition! Really great work, Andreas - it’s been a pleasure watching this journey. :grin:


You madman!


Yes, this has been quite the journey and the profile is excellent. I hope many other will get the chance to experience URSA.


Already ordered my WOB and Black blank set, can’t wait to test them !

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I can’t not support this project :smiley:

It looks like the Leos are a little scarce at the moment, and the land of Rubre is foreign to me - any recommendations for a board that comes in a color (or has an available aftermarket case) that will jive with Minicomp?

Hmm… for your first, I’d say you should try a HHKB. The white/light gray should look good with minicomp.


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If you like bigger board there is also the classic Realforce TKL or full size (I have an old R1 ISO Azerty full size and it is a great keyboard).
Black will go great with minicomp.

If you take a a TKL, then maybe try to grab a Norbatouch.

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OOh, good point. Yeah, I have a few PC Norbatouches or a warm gray (brown) one that I could sell you for…

Image of You can pry them from my cold, dead hands!

Nah, for real though, you don’t do Norbatouch b/c it has MX sliders. UNLESS… you can find the few people passing around topre slider swapped novatouches for cheap. It’s rare, but I’ve seen more than a few. People buy a Novatouch for the sliders and don’t have anything left to do with the Stock sliders.

and yes, @Andreas I ordered another kit :shushing_face:


For minicom, I think a Densus Alveus in brown could look slick. But I’m not sure they are available. [IC] Alveus | GB Raffle Live!

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I’m also working on a housing design as we speak, but it will be a while out.


:pray: Thank you :pray:

Let me know when your order amount reaches $2323, I will consider printing you an MX version. :wink:


Quick note about the site - when it asks for my email address, it won’t accept mine because its TLD (part after the dot) is more than three letters. There’s a fair number of top level domains that have more than three these days - not sure if you have access to fix that but I figured I’d mention it.

Ah, I should have said Norbaforce!

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Thank you, Dave,

I forwarded this to @fkcaps
He’s looking into the issue.

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I have updated the regex that was to be honest just a copy paste from an obscure place of the Internet that might have been years old :joy: I have replaced it with a more recent one (RFC-something-compliant), is it better for you now?



Since there is 87u compatibility, the Extension kit includes a Ctrl key for that weird rotated stem in the lower left hand corner of the 87u, correct?

I am in for 2x beige, WoB, Blue and Red mods. Lets go!!!

Its been over 2 years since entering a keycap GB… And here we are again, there was no way I was not going to support this project.