What did you order or think about ordering?

Ordered some Gateron Smoothies from Milktooth (at 0.27 cents per switch). Didn’t get them before due to 3.6mm key travel but words from Keebtalk peers did encourage me to try the switch in more cases.

A bizarre thing I learned about key travel is that case matters, meaning a switch that felt too short in a case may not feel as bad in a different case. Case shouldn’t matter yet it does seems to. MMD Vivian (3.6mm) felt too short in a handful of cases I tried. But not in Aluminum Tofu with FR4 plate. So I am going to try Smoothie in the same case.


It is bizarre for sure but I’ve experienced the same thing. I think it might have more to do with mounting style. On my softer boards I am ok with long poles, but prefer full travel on my stiffer boards.


This kinda came out nowhere, but got a chance to buy a super nice Matrix 8XV3.0 from a local friend. I never been a huge fan of all the crazy different colored parts Matrix boards usually have (although I have to admit I liked some I’ve seen & they are undeniably cool), but this one is super clean looking with the all brass weight. Also I don’t have a Matrix board yet & have wanted one for my collection forever. Pretty hyped for this pickup!


Just put in for a rose gold Altair-X with the sub-legend caps and wooden wrist (palm) rests. Now, I wait.

The add-ons are not necessary, but they’re convenient and/or look cool, dammit!


Update, they have arrived at the Warehouse and they are indeed what i ordered, so i didn’t get bamboozled and can show them.
White-top Cherry reds - with cherry nameplate and everything. They almost looked like Cream Sodas at first glance. Never seen them before or heard of them before.


Alright, who already thought about ordering these? :wink:


Quite interesting! Anyone have guesses? Im unaware of any cherry switch with white housings.

Do they have specks of black in the white or is that just dust/residue?

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Looks like nemesis of Nixies.

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Ordered BSUN x HC Studio Roselle switches from Milktooth to complete the collection of recent low-pitch switches I heard about:

  • Vertex V1 - creamy, thocky, and snug
  • MMD Vivian - thocky, distinct sound
  • HC Studio Roselle - extra thocky

It’s just some dust/grime, i guess. They were previously mounted in a keyboard and he just desoldered them to sell them, but sadly it doesn’t show any brand or anything on the Photos. And i’m not sure if that’s the Original keyboard they came in, seeing how there are some weird winglatch switches on there too.


$49 shipping, oof. This will be my first 65% board and the only unit I’ve spent more than $150 on.

Thanks for the review and discount code!!


Whoah, definitely cool stuff! My guess is they come from a gaming KB. The company that made the KB must be pretty big since they had to special ordered the white top housings to match something. The weird thing to me is they are using the RGB base, but he tops look they don’t even have a cutout for LEDS.

Ordered a set of Gateron Glory Red linears from KRepublic. Even if I don’t like the switch, I can use the parts to make frankenswitches. Gateron switches tends to have the least issues when mixing parts. I am curious how Cream Soda with POK stem sounds.

  1. Another cheap set of overstock VSA. I do love how they split the difference between DSA and XDA, and… did I mention CHEAP? Like $14 cheap for decent kitting. I just don’t know what to put them on, so they may wait for the right project, maybe I’ll finally spiff up the little RK96 I’ve never used.

  2. Restocking RP2040 microcontrollers and diodes. I have been toying with the idea of a laser-cut “pocket battleship”, again with no stabs. I have so much spare XDA lying around that once the six bucks’ worth of diodes arrives, I won’t need to go any further out of pocket.

  3. Here’s where things get a little more interesting. I did some eBay gambling and won a late-era Model M “Symbolwriter” terminal keyboard made in Scotland for $35 shipped. It is somewhat dirty, missing 4 or 5 keycaps (Unicomp?), one foot (3D-printing), and the RJ-45 connector is shot (converter?), but whipping up an internal Soarer doesn’t seem too hard. Anybody know if there’s an equivalent that runs on the RP2040 boards? Cuz I’ve got like a million of those on the way.


And it seems I’ve found another rabbit hole. I got a few pro micros to work on the converter, but I also won a best offer for a Unicomp-made Hospital model M for $43 shipped. This one is PS2 compatible and if the pictures are to be believed, looks pretty clean other than a bit of spacebar yellowing.


Whoa those keycaps look awesome with that choice of grey and sublegend colors, also seeing the General Electric logo on a keyboard is quite funny to me lol.


Order a black PP plate form my Matrix 8XV 3.0 from Hype Keyboards. Im just not feeling that skeleton plate they made for it. Afriad if I build with it ill hate the sound LOL!


I am wondering what it has been used for. Possibly for controlling an MRI machine or the like?

Looks like it was a terminal related to “invasive cardiology” labs.

The newer models look decisively less pleasant as keyboards, but the legends are similar:


Ugh… I guess it’s probably not a lot of typing, so the keyboard is sufficient. Looks pretty rough to type on. At least it appears to have somewhat standard width keycaps, even though they have no dish at all.