What's on your workbench today?

I had never considered Phosphorous until you mentioned it, but I suspect it would be a great fit.

No, for now I’m going to go with Boba U4’s, and possibly the MelGeek Plastic caps. I suspect finding the caps I like the most may just lead me to the trusty BOW MT3 profile, but we’ll see.

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Those look great @Extra_Fox! Would you mind sharing a ballpark price?

I am considering getting some cerakoting done, likely one color but I was just curious.

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Not at all. There’s kind of a range the place I went to will charge it depends on;

  1. Size of board.
  2. Number of pieces.
  3. Number of colors.

So my board, with four parts, and two colors would be around $150 (more if you picked a color they didn’t have on hand).

Something smaller, or single color would range from $100-$120, give or take.

The place I went to is located in Oregon City, Oregon. They’re called Blazin’ Hydrographics and they do really nice work.


Thank you! Yeah I am looking at maybe doing a couple 60% (one two piece case and one tray). Sounds like I could expect around ~100$ for each. Thanks again!

Ye that’s around the same pricing I have got when investigating cerakote prices.

After my initial success with recreating the Commodore 64 keycaps in this project, I’ve started looking into creating a custom low/mid-profile.

I’m currently doing a lot of research and here’s my first test batch. The shape of the top area is based on a superellipse, yet a bit more rounded not to have any parallel lines. The dish is a mix of spherical and cylindrical, with emphasis on a spherical center for the palm to rest on. To me, they feel quite cozy and smooth – it might even work for Cherry lovers :smiley:

In the images, the caps are angled and uniform aka stepped which is not ideal, but I’ve already shaped a row profile for equidistance with a six-degree angle. I’ll probably print those on the weekend.

Please feel free to express your experience and opinions regarding such an endeavor – thank you. :heart:


This is a great project! I’ve been mulling over the possibility of a low-profile-spherical (LPS) set.

What do you print these on? Or are these molds?

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Is it just me, or is each column a different size?

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Thank you, maybe I should create a separate post for in-depth discussion?

I printed these with my Elegoo Mars. I’ve also done a test printing a mold and filling it up with Play-Doh, worked fine, too :smiley:

Good eye! They are not all different, but some are. I’ve jotted down some notes in the image.


Near-cylindricals look most comfortable to me.

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My preference is for the green. More touch area. I am not an accurate typist.

Thank you all for your feedback, it is much appreciated.

I’ll spend some time and prepare documentation regarding visualization and terminology. I imagine it to represent the row profile, side profiles, and touch area. And as already mentioned print a second batch with a sculpted row profile. With that done I’ll start a dedicated thread for discussion, suggestions, and feedback.


After you removed the rust, did you sand and prime? or did you go straight to painting? It looks good!

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Excited to see your documentation and furthur information in the upcoming thread! :slight_smile:

I sanded the areas with rust and only coated with a primer which happened to have the desired colour

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Yeah I gotta agree, I’d say I would take pretty much any cylindrical option over any spherical option anymore


Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. Cylindrical sets are very comfy and mostly outdo the spherical offerings in that regard. However, I find what they make up in comfort they lack in the variation of styles/aesthetics. I’ve seen enough rounded rectangles with a straight extrusion profile to last me a lifetime. I strongly believe there is room for variation and experimentation. That is why I’m looking into this – there is so much to learn and explore.

Please feel free to share your experiences.

Thank you and have a great weekend.


Pulled apart a Tacit. V2 for some macros.


Well that there has my attention. Perhaps a competitor to the venerable Boba U4?